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Planning Permit applications are advertised to allow people affected by a planning decision opportunity to comment before a final decision is made. Objections can be made via email, post or in-person.

A fundamental part of the Victorian planning system is to allow people affected by a planning decision to be given the opportunity to comment on what’s proposed before a decision is made. When an application is lodged, we decide whether notice will be given to the owners and occupiers of the adjoining land or any other person, and how the notice will be given. The notice of a proposed planning permit application is generally advertised. When making the decision to advertise the application the following points are taken into consideration:
  1. If the planning scheme specifically states that advertising is not required, or if council is satisfied that the application will not have a negative impact or cause material detriment to any person, the application will not be advertised.
  1. If formal advertising is required, council will issue a written direction to advertise the application. This can be expected within a reasonable time after the application is lodged, once all the required information is provided. The advertising period is at least 14 days.

Notifying Neighbours
Neighbours are usually notified of the permit application by letter. A notice may also be required to be displayed on the site. Large yellow notices are posted outside the property at the City of Darebin.

If you have discussed a planning permit application with Council or the applicant and you still have concerns, then you can lodge an objection to Council.

To object to a current application for a planning permit, you will need to complete an Objection to Grant a Planning Permit Form. You can lodge your objection by post, email, or in person:

Via email

By post
Statutory Planning
Darebin City Council
PO Box 91
Preston, Victoria, 3072

In person
Applications can be lodged at our Planning Services counter located on Level 1, 274 Gower Street, Preston between the hours of 8:45am and 4:45pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

Further Information
Planning Services
Phone 8470 8850

Video: What are planning permits and when they are needed.