Zoning and Policies

Find the planning zone and overlays that affect your property; obtain planning information about your property including heritage;  and access Darebin Planning Scheme documents.


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All land in Darebin is zoned for a particular purpose, such as residential, industrial or business use. Zones guide how properties can be used and developed. In addition, land can also be subject to an overlay which indicates it has a special feature such as heritage, flood risk or significant vegetation.

To find out which planning zone and overlays affect your property, a free online Planning Property report can be obtained from the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

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You can also use the Planning Maps Online interactive map service to search for planning information about a property.

Further Information:

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure
Website: www.dtpli.vic.gov.au/planning


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Darebin is proud of its rich cultural history which is reflected in many sites, areas and landscapes across the municipality. Heritage features are important touchstones in the community because they tell a story of the past, while also bringing new meaning and possibility to the future. By protecting and enhancing our heritage assets we can use them to create rich new stories of how Darebin’s future community can grow and change.

Darebin’s Heritage Database

Have you found out your property is heritage listed and you would like to know more?

Darebin’s heritage database is an online database containing up-to-date information about heritage places and precincts within Darebin. If you cannot find your property on the database, please contact Council’s Planning Department. 

For further information on the Victorian Heritage Database or on the Victorian Heritage Register please visit the Heritage Victoria website.

Darebin Heritage Study 2007

The Darebin Heritage Study identifies and protects cultural and natural heritage sites in Darebin, including sites of Aboriginal heritage. The Study builds on Darebin’s previous Heritage Review 2000 by identifying new heritage sites to be protected. It also forms the basis of permanent planning controls in the Darebin Planning Scheme that seek to protect Darebin’s cultural, environmental and social history.

The Study includes a number of reports and studies, as follows:

  • Thematic Environmental History (August 2008) -  provides an explanation of the historical themes and activities that have been important in shaping development throughout Darebin. The history is arranged according to themes so as to provide a context to assist with the identification of heritage places that illustrate the rich natural and cultural history of the Municipality.
  • Key findings and Recommendations (December 2008) - builds on the Thematic Environmental History study of August 2008 and provides a heritage plan and recommendations for Darebin Council about how to manage heritage significant areas into the future.
  • Review of 2000 Ward Study and Additional Stage 2 Place Assessments (May 2010) - assesses the significance of additional places and includes a review of 50 places added to the Heritage Overlay as a result of the recommendations of the Darebin Heritage Review 2000 (Andrew Ward and Associates).
  • Historic Heritage Places 2011 - heritage place citations which provide the history of the heritage place and a description of its surviving fabric (including buildings, trees, fences, etc.) and, on this basis, provide an assessment of the significance of the place. The citations assist Council, property owners and managers and other key stakeholders in making decisions about the future use, development or management of the place. This information has also been translated to the Darebin Heritage Database.
  • Preston Central Heritage Assessment -  two volumes (Volumes 4a and 4b) providing an assessment of the heritage significance of heritage precincts and places within the Preston Central Structure Plan area.

Darebin Heritage Review 2000

The Darebin Heritage Review was completed in February 2001. The review contains heritage citation reports and statements of significance for most of the sites in Darebin which are affected by the Heritage Overlay (HO).

Darebin Heritage Guides

A series of design guidelines were prepared as part of the Darebin Heritage Review 2000. Some of these guidelines can be downloaded here:

Incorporated Documents – Planning Permit Exemptions

The need for a planning permit under the Heritage Overlay can be exempted for minor buildings and works through an incorporated plan. If exemptions do apply to your property, they will be specified in the following Incorporated Documents to the Darebin Planning Scheme:

If you need to apply for planning permission to make changes to a dwelling in a heritage overlay, visit Planning Forms and Applications and Residential Development on this website for more information.

Darebin Planning Scheme

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The Darebin Planning Scheme includes all of the policies and controls for land use and development in the City of Darebin. This includes a range of policies formally included with the Scheme as Incorporated Documents or referred to as Reference Documents.

Access the Darebin Planning Scheme online

The following Incorporated Documents and Reference Documents are utilised while determining if an application should be supported or refused.  When preparing a planning permit application you should ensure it is consistent with relevant documents. 

Municipal Strategic Statement - Selected Documents

Other MSS reference documents not listed here can be found in the Council Strategies section of this website.

The Junction Local Area Plan
Neighbourhood Character Darebin Creek (Adjacent Land Design and Development Local Policy and Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 2)
Industrial and Commercial Activity
High Street Corridor Land Use and Urban Design
Multi-Residential and Mixed Use Development
Northcote Activity Centre (Local Policy and Design and Development Overlay 14)
Preston Central Activity Centre (Incremental Areas Local Policy and Priority Development Zone)
Bell Street Land Use

Residential Growth Zone Areas - Reservoir, Northland, Fairfield

Merri Creek (Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 1 areas)

Heritage Overlay

Refer to the Heritage section of this site for Heritage Study resources and Statements of Significance.

Vegetation Protection Overlays

Incorporated Plan Overlay

Development Contributions Plan Overlay