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We recognise that we are in a state of climate emergency, and we need to restore a safe climate at emergency speed, in order to avoid dramatic and negative impacts on our community and around the world. The Darebin Climate Emergency Conference will be held in September 2018 - register now for the first-ever national climate emergency conference hosted by local government!

Darebin Climate Emergency Conference 

Earlier this year, Darebin Council presented the first-ever national climate emergency conference hosted by local government!

The Conference brought together councils, other levels of government, business and organisations as well as our community to identify strategic and urgent action, with appropriate scale and speed to deliver a safe climate. We will soon share with you the resolutions or calls to action which came from the conference.

The high quality and diversity of the speakers, and the many interesting and inspiring perspectives from which the topic of climate emergency was examined provided so much food for thought.

In case you missed the event, you can browse the Climate Emergency Conference Program, and watch many of the presentations online.

Darebin Climate Emergency Plan

We are already seeing more intense and frequent heatwaves, heavy rainfall and flooding, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, extreme fire weather and more bushfires. These changes are the result of the build-up of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere. This is largely due to our heavy reliance on burning fossil fuels (petrol, gas and coal) for energy use – especially for electricity generation and transport. Our best hope of securing our future is to move into emergency mode to make the changes we need to make quickly.

This is why we adopted the Darebin Climate Emergency Plan in 2017. Hear what Councillors had to say about the plan in the minutes from the Council meeting on Monday 21 August. Read the Darebin Climate Emergency Plan or the 8-page summary.

Climate Emergency Petition

Are you worried about the impact of climate change?  Do you want all levels of government to take urgent and unprecedented action to address the climate emergency?  Then sign the Climate Emergency Petition and ask governments to do what is necessary now.

Want more information on Climate Change?

Video of the Darebin Climate Forum 2016

Over the last couple of years we have seen the momentum rapidly build behind councils and other jurisdictions declaring a climate emergency. It vital that as this strength in numbers grows, we collaborate so that we can be strategic, and also learn from each other.

Over the last couple of years we have seen the momentum rapidly build behind councils and other jurisdictions declaring a climate emergency. It vital that as this strength in numbers grows, we collaborate so that we can be strategic, and also learn from each other.

Darebin Council has developed written resources aimed at supporting other Councils who have either declared a climate emergency, or are wanting to.

A shorter summary document provides a framework and articulates key processes involved in a climate emergency response. A longer documents links these processes to Darebin’s climate emergency journey and key actions and challenges. You can read these resources here.

DCC Climate Emergency Resource

DCC Framework

Climate Emergency Darebin has been established by Darebin Council to accelerate sustained and meaningful action on the climate emergency, and support Darebin Council to achieve the goals set out in its Climate Emergency Plan.

Climate Emergency Darebin

Climate Emergency Darebin's vision is for the restoration of a safe climate for all.  To achieve this we will be focusing on these key areas of work:

  • Climate solutions (zero emissions across the economy and in community lifestyles, and CO2 drawdown)
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Community and business mobilisation, engagement and education
  • Climate policy and strategy advocacy to governments at all levels in Australia and internationally
  • Climate solutions research (safe climate restoration and adaptation/resilience) and strategy development

The Climate Emergency Darebin Committee includes community volunteers, Councillors and Council's CEO. As it develops, Climate Emergency Darebin will draw on additional support from people within the community to achieve its goals.

Please see Climate Emergency Darebin's strategic plan for more information.

Climate Emergency Community Dinner 

Darebin Council and Climate Emergency Darebin hosted a Climate Emergency Community Dinner at the Reservoir Learning Centre in May. Nearly 80 community leaders from across Darebin came together to learn about the climate emergency and to discuss strategies for advocacy and creating change. 

The community leaders represented sporting and service clubs, environment groups, ethnic, faith and indigenous communities, neighbourhood houses, the arts and business, plus Council’s advisory groups. Talks about the climate emergency and what it means for our future provided background information and inspiration for some interactive, focused thinking and discussion about what we could do as individuals and as organisations. We explored which decision makers we might approach and ask to take action. And we discovered that there are huge range of actions we can all take to achieve an effective and meaningful response to the climate emergency. 

For inspiration, here’s a few examples of actions identified by community leaders at the dinner:

  • Start Hairdressers for Climate Change Action
  •  Get my apartment block to install solar
  • Start a dialogue about climate emergency at work
  • Declare a climate emergency at my business and call on staff to act on the climate emergency
  • Dinner and climate conversations with my two pilates groups
  • Joining climate action groups
  • Visit local MPs with others to discuss the climate emergency 

Council wants to continue to support community climate action. In particular we hope to reach 1000 people with the climate emergency message by 5 December this year, the third anniversary of the declaration. To sign up to learn more, to become involved, to let us know what action you are already taking, or that you intend to take, please email us at

Download this booklet, 'Climate Emergency Action: Darebin Residents Taking Action in the Climate Emergency' to read more information about the climate emergency and how you can be involved. 

Further information:
Tiffany Harrison
Climate Emergency Darebin Executive Officer
Phone: 8470 8969

Interested in installing solar on your property through our solar programs? Council has set a target to double solar in Darebin. Expressions of interest are now open for our solar programs.

Solar Saver Program

Solar Saver helps Darebin residents, businesses and organisations to install solar panels - saving you money on your energy bills.

  • We'll pay the upfront cost for the system, and you (or your landlord) pay it off over ten years, interest free.
  • The savings you make on your energy bills will more than outweigh your repayments to Council, leaving you better off.
  • A range of sizes of systems are available. For most properties, the bigger the system, the better the payback.
  • Council has done the work to help you access:
    • Quality systems
    • Extended warranties
    • A reputable supplier
  • There have been three previous rounds of Solar Saver, with over 1300 households benefitting from the program. 
  • You can register now for the next round, which will get underway next year.

If solar is a viable option for you, you will be offered a no-obligation quote. The solar provider will talk you through what size of system will work for your house and your budget.

Please click on the appropriate button below to register. For all residential premises please click "Register for home", and for all non-residential organisations please click "Register for business".

Register for home

Register for business

Solar Homes Rebate

In August 2018 the Victorian Government announced a new solar rebate through the Solar Homes program. Currently Darebin Solar Saver participants are eligible for the rebate but applications can only be made twice a month via the Solar Homes portal. For more information about the rebate and to see if you are eligible go to 

Frequently Asked Questions
To learn more about this program, have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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We rely on energy everyday and as energy supplies are limited, we need to conserve our usage wisely.

The Energy Conservation Hierarchy

  • Minimise energy use – use natural light, heating, and cooling where possible. Insulate your home to keep summer heat out and winter heat in and reduce the need for additional heating and cooling  
  • Use energy efficiently – choose efficient lighting such as LED or compact fluorescent globes and appliances with a high Energy Star Rating
  • Use renewable energy – consider installing solar electricity, solar hot water and switching to GreenPower
  • Offset – your remaining emissions

Pooling Our Energy Savings

Users of Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre and Reservoir Leisure Centre might have noticed the regular works being undertaken over the last 2 years. We are excited to announce that the 'Pooling our Energy Savings' energy efficiency upgrades and installation of power generation technologies have now been completed.  

These upgrades are expected to deliver a reduction in operational costs of over $100,000, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 2000 tonnes per year. That’s the same as taking about 500 cars off the road!  

The energy efficiency upgrades are similar to the energy efficiency measures we can all take at home, although these are on a larger scale!  We installed;

  • Onsite power generation – generating our own electricity for the buildings using natural gas which is cleaner and cheaper than coal-generated electricity from our power grid
  • Draught sealing for gaps around doors and windows
  • Double glazed doors
  • Better insulation
  • Insulated pool blankets
  • LED lighting
  • Higher efficiency air conditioning and heating systems

You can watch our 'Pooling Our Energy Savings' video below and learn more about our installation of power generation technologies and energy efficiency upgrades. 

If you want to learn more about the energy efficiency measures you can take at home, please visit and check our upcoming workshop schedule.

The energy efficiency upgrades and installation of power generation technology received funding from the Australian Government.

Tips for Home Builders and Renovators

All new homes and renovations in Australia are required to achieve a 6 star energy rating. 6 Star homes use less energy and save you money, as well as providing more comfortable homes. The 6 Star Standard is a flexible performance based standard and can be achieved using a variety of energy saving measures. Considering the following measures will help your home or renovation meet the standard:
  • Incorporate north facing windows, blinds, verandas and ceiling fans to help control temperature
  • Install a solar hot water system
  • Choose a gas heater with at least a 4-star energy rating
  • Install or upgrade insulation
Pooling Our Energy Savings