Schools and Education

Darebin Council has made a commitment to working in partnership with all Darebin schools to  respond to key and emerging matters relevant and important for the ongoing development  of  equitable, quality  and collaborative learning environments for all Darebin children and young people.

Council has collaborated with all of our 46 local schools in the development of the ‘Our Darebin Schools’ Resource.

Our Darebin Schools 

The  Our Darebin Schools Resource focuses on schools in their local neighbourhood precincts. This includes primary, secondary, and both; specialist; Government, Catholic and Independent. The Resource highlights the breadth of schools in Darebin which respond to the diverse needs and rights of Darebin residents to education and learning.

Each neighbourhood precinct is also presented separately as a beginning point to anyone interested in education provision and options within the City of Darebin.

The neighbourhood precincts are:

The Education Inquiry during 2012 – 2013 focuses on public secondary school education.

Darebin Education Inquiry

Darebin Council coordinated and documented an Education Inquiry during 2012 – 2013 with a focus on public secondary school education.

The Darebin Education Inquiry Report 2013 provides a comprehensive analysis of the experience of secondary education and factors which influence public education provision in the City of Darebin.

Council has also prepared a Summary Report to make the findings and recommendations accessible to all Darebin people interested in the provision and development of education.

The Report documents eight findings and makes eight recommendations.

The findings are:
  • Importance of education for economic and social prosperity
  • Investment in education is critical
  • There are major differences between the public and private education systems
  • The Darebin community has a strong preference for local schools
  • There are major educational risk factors in Darebin
  • There is mixed educational school performance in Darebin
  • Addressing equity issues in education is critical for the Darebin community
  • There is an important role for Council to play in achieving educational outcomes
The recommendations are:
  1. Develop communication protocols to streamline contact between Council and schools
  2. Enter into a dialogue with selected local primary and  secondary schools to develop strategic education partnership agreements
  3.  Develop agreements with schools with large numbers of enrolment of students from high equity groups
  4. Continue to advocate about educational needs in Darebin
  5. Continue to develop Darebin-specific research and evidence on educational needs and disadvantage and what works to improve educational outcomes
  6. Promote Darebin’s schools
  7. Continue to convene the Darebin Education Committee
  8.  Explore the viability of an education and learning network

Professional development workshop for early childhood educators

Reimagine Your Teaching With Storytelling:

Professional development workshop Wednesday 25 September

Self-guided tour Thursday 26 September 
Aimed at educators, care providers and students of education this one-day professional development workshop will challenge and extend your current understanding of the developmental significance of storytelling during early childhood. Be inspired by industry guest speakers from Darebin Libraries, Your Community Health and Marilyn Fleer’s Conceptual Playlab and acquire practical and creative ways to set-up storytelling experiences in your program.

Incorporating storytelling in early years education has many benefits:
•  Support STEM conceptual learning
•  Build language and literacy skills
•  Develop healthy technology and digital literacy skills
•  Strengthen partnerships with families and their cultural context
•  Create a more inclusive and equitable program for all children

Agenda: Wednesday 25 September
10am - Playspace opens
10.30am - Storytelling Tips presented by Darebin Libraries
11am - Supporting Language Development presented by Your Community Health
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Conceptual Playworlds: A playbased model for Teaching STEM presented by Professor Marilyn Fleer’s Conceptual Playlab
3pm - Explore the Playspace and opportunity for Q&A

•  Play space exhibition
•  Guided learning by qualified and experienced consultants
•  A Statement of Attendance for all participants
•  Lunch and refreshments

This session aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and will contribute 6 hours towards VIT requirements for maintaining registration. All participants are welcome to attend the whole day or come for a specific session/s.

And, if you can’t make this workshop on Wednesday 25 September, the play space exhibition will be available for self-guided tours on Thursday 26 September. 

Agenda: Wednesday 26 September
10am - Playspace opens for self-guided tours
3pm - Playspace closes

Workshop and Playspace information
Darebin North East Community Hub, 25 Copernicus Crescent, Bundoora 3083
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Early Childhood Resource and Education
Phone: 8470 8100

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