Refugee Week 2017

Sun, 18 Jun - Sat, 24 Jun 2017

Darebin Intercultural Centre



Darebin Council, Darebin Ethnic Communities Council and Jesuit Social Services invite you to celebrate Refugee Week.

The theme for Refugee Week this year is "With courage let us all combine". Taken from the second verse of the national anthem, the theme celebrates the courage of refugees and of people who speak out against persecution and injustice.

Refugee Week is celebrated from 18 June to 24 June. There are a number of events you can attend to show your solidarity with our refugee community.

Here and Now Exhibition
Tuesday 20 June
10.30am - 12pm

Jesuit Social Services invite you to the Darebin opening of Here and Now, a roving photographic exhibition with accompanying stories of local asylum seekers. The exhibition reveals the ‘Human Face’ behind the growing movement of peoples seeking asylum worldwide.

Free to attend, light lunch provided.
Please register for this event by phone: 8470 8440, or email:

Women Refugee Stories
Sunday 18 June
2pm to 5pm

The Darebin Ethnic Communities Council (DECC) invite you to hear from women of diverse ethnic communities in Darebin speak about their experiences as refugees and the new lives they have established since coming to Australia.

Waves of Refugees and Migration across the Decades
Thursday 22 June
1 - 5pm

DECC invite you to reflect on the push factors which have compelled people to leave their homelands across decades of war and conflict in different countries around the globe. This information session is also an opportunity to discuss the historical and political contexts; and similarities and differences for each new wave of refugees.

Open City Stories, Ongoing Stories of Asylum Seekers:
Where Are They Now?

Thursday 22 June
5 - 9pm

Throughout 2013 and 2014, local writers Rajith and Richard regularly met with a group of asylum seekers in Darebin to discuss and record their journeys of settlement in Australia. The stories have evolved over time and have been published in the form of an evolving and changing website. This is an opportunity to bring people together to showcase their journeys so far; and in doing so, begin a new chapter.

Please RSVP your attendance to each of these events.
Phone: 9478 3737 or 0468 330 113

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