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Chemical and Medical

*Detox Your Home - special chemical collection - Reservoir - Saturday 14 December 2013*

Do you need to dispose of hazardous household chemicals? Chemical products can be dangerous – they can harm your family and pets, add fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and damage the environment. Please do not put them out with your council bins or pour them down the drain.

Instead, register for the Detox Your Home chemical collection in Reservoir on Saturday 14 December 2013 from 8.00am to 4.00pm. Detox Your Home is a FREE service to dispose of household chemicals safely and easily without harming human health or the environment.

To register for this event visit: www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/detoxmobile or call 1800 353 233. The collection address will be provided upon registration.

Household Chemical and Toxic Waste

Used car batteries

An extensive list of common household items and low toxic items eg. tvs, paints and a whole lot more, can be disposed of at the Rubbish Tip - Resource Recovery Centre.

Mobile phones, light tubes, globes, smoke detectors and batteries can also be disposed of at Customer Service Centres at Preston, Reservoir, Northcote and Northland.

Medical Waste

Medical waste should be disposed of in approved medical waste bins.

Incorrectly disposing of medicine or chemicals can pollute our waterways and can be dangerous.

Take unused medicines to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. For more information visit the Return Unwanted Medicines Website.

Unused medicines can also be disposed of at local household chemical collection days. For more information visit Sustainability Victoria or call 1800 353 233.

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