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Edwardes Lake Park

Edwardes Lake Park

Edwardes Street, Reservoir
Melway Reference: 18 D5

Edwardes Lake Park is a 26 hectare district park which 135,000 people visit each year, the second largest park in the Darebin municipality after Bundoora Park, providing the setting for the 6.3 hectare Edwardes Lake.

The lake is a part of the Edgar’s Creek catchment, which is a stream of Melbourne’s Yarra River. The lake has very high community and environmental values.

Edwardes Lake is an urban water body of some 85 million litres created by a concrete weir on Edgar’s Creek, as part of the Merri catchment. The lake has an upstream catchment of more than 100 square kilometres and is an important part of regional stormwater management. It is the second largest urban lake in the greater Melbourne metropolitan region.

Edwardes Lake Park All Abilities Playspace

Edwardes Lake All Abilities Play Space is now open

Edwardes Lake Park has a new playspace that caters to children of all abilities aged up to 12 years. This wetland themed playspace is located just off Griffiths Street near the BBQ area and features a host of activities including climbing, swinging, bouncing and digging. All the paths are accessible in concrete or coloured rubber soft fall making getting around safe and easy.

There is plenty of seating for families and several platforms for spur-of-the moment performances or picnics. Equipment featured includes a 4-person see-saw, nest swing, conical spinner, traditional swings, a climbing net, a tiered sand pit, a timber balancing challenge, talking tubes and two sets of one-of-a-kind musical drums.

Come on down and see if you can spot the pink eared duck (hint- she likes getting under foot), give Sally the timber Salamander a pat and stand on the back of the turtle.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment at Edwardes Lake Park

green gym in the park

A suite of outdoor exercise equipment is located around the circuit path at Edwardes Lake Park as part of Council's commitment to get people physically active and making the most of the large network of local parks in Darebin. Edwardes Lake Park is increasingly recognised as an important community hub and the outdoor fitness stations will enhance the park as a place to enjoy fresh air, fun and fitness.

Edwardes Lake Park – Leamington Street Skatepark Upgrade

Council will be improving the Leamington Street Skatepark at Edwardes Lake Park. The redevelopment will include an upgrade to the skatepark, new landscaping and furniture.

For more information please visit Policies and Projects.


Facilities include a lake walking path, old train engine, playgrounds, bird watching, toilets, barbecue and picnic facilities plus a number of sports facilities on the park boundaries. Edwardes Lake is not suitable for swimming. Edwardes Lake Park also contains an athletics track which is home to several athletics clubs.

For more information on sports and recreation activities visit Leisure and Recreation.


Disability access icon

Car parking and access is available in Griffiths Street, Leamington Street and Seaver Grove. The toilet block near the picnic area on East side has a disabled toilet.


The Park and the Lake are named after Mr. Thomas Dyer Edwardes who gave an area of 34 acres (approx. 14 hectares) of land in 1914 to the people of the former Preston Council. Additional land was later bought by the Council to expand the park area and the facilities that exist today.

Edwardes Lake ‘a gift well received’ was a joint project with Work for Dole resulting in a wonderful historical book documenting the early years of Edwardes Lake Park. To download the document visit the link at the bottom of this page.

Edwardes Lake Neighbourhood Improvement Plan

To further improve water quality in Edwardes Lake after the Edwardes Lake Redevelopment, discussed above, the lake neighbourhood community in partnership with Darebin City Council, Friends of Edwardes Lake and a host of government and private businesses have developed the Edwardes Lake Neighbourhood Environment Improvement Plan (NEIP), for more information regarding the plan visit the Edwardes Lake Neighbourhood Improvement Program link below.

Pets in Park

  • Ensure dogs are on-lead within 5 metres of shared paths
  • Dogs must be on-lead when approaching the off-lead area, including any carparks
  • Consider other park users and ensure that dogs are kept under effective control
  • Restrain your dog if asked and do not allow it to become a nuisance to others
  • Dogs may access a creek if in an off-lead area
  • Minimise any disturbance to creek banks and creatures who live there.

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