Community Support Program

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Darebin City Council is committed to making our city a great, safe and exciting place to live for everybody. Through the Darebin Community Support Program, Council every year supports more than 200 organisations and groups to carry out a wide range of projects and activities which enable Darebin residents to participate in the social, cultural and economic life of the Municipality.

2017/2018 Darebin Community Support Program - Main Funding Round

The Darebin 2017/2018 annual funding round will open on Monday 27 February and close on Monday 24 April 2017 at 12.00am (end of day).

Only applications by not-for-profit groups and organisations are accepted.


  • Annual Cash Grants (up to $6,000)
  • Annual Facility Hire Subsidy Grants (up to $6,000)
  • Annual Combined Cash and Facility Hire Subsidy Grants (up to $6,000)
  • 2016/2017 Quick Response Facility Hire Subsidy Grants (up to $500 - only available until 2 June 2017)

Two separate online application forms are available from Smarty Grants, and can only be viewed while the funding round is closed:

  1. The 2017/2018 Annual Cash Grant Application Form.
  2. The 2017/2018 Annual Facility Hire Subsidy Application Form.

For combined Annual Cash and Facility Hire Subsidy Grants complete both application forms and submit separately.

2016/2017 Quick Response Facility Hire Subsidy Application Form, intending applicants are required to call the Community Grants Officer (8470 8504) to obtain a private link to the application form.

Intending applicants are strongly recommended to read the 2017/2018 Information Booklet before applying for a grant. The booklet provides useful information to help applicants with their applications:

  • Type of grants available
  • Funding priorities
  • List of Council venues available under the program
  • Who can apply
  • What can be funded
  • What cannot be funded
  • How to apply for a grant
  • How to access and submit applications
  • How applications are assessed
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Incorporation


  • Thursday 16 March 2017, between 10.00am and 12.00pm, Shire Hall 286 Gower Street, Preston
  • Thursday 30 March 2017, between 6.00pm and 8.00pm, Council Chambers, 350 High Street, Preston

 For more information, please call the Community Grants Officer on 8470 8504


This program is available to eligible groups/organisations who missed out applying to the 2016/2017 main funding round. Under this program only applications for the use of Council nominated venues (please see list below) can be submitted and the maximum which can be approved is $500.

If you need to use a Council venue before the end of the 2016/2017 financial year, please call the Community Grants Officer on 8470 8504. If you are eligible to apply, a private link will be sent to you to access the online application form.

Venue Phone
Preston City & Shire Halls  8470 8649
Northcote Town Hall 8470 8901
Preston & Northcote Libraries' Meeting Rooms 8470 8236
Darebin Intercultural Centre 8470 8440
Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre 8470 8282
Reservoir Community & Learning Centre 9496 1021
Clyde Street Community Hall 8470 8110
Darebin North East Community Hub 8470 8110
Keon Park Children Hub 8470 8022
Donald Street Community Hall 8470 8110
Fairfield Community Room 8470 8110
Ruthven Pavilion 8470 8110

The following information provides applicants with an understanding of what Priority Area(s) to select in their applications forms (Please refer to Cash Grant application form Question 8 and/or Facility Hire Subsidy application form Question 3):


The grants program has three major Priority Areas. In the application form you are asked to select and address one of more of the following Three Priority Areas.
To help you to answer adequately those questions, please read about the Three Priority Areas below.

PRIORITY ONE: Healthy and Connected Communities

Proposals that;

  • Develop programs and activities that support access, inclusion, human rights for all and address racism within our community.
  • Provide opportunities to isolated residents to connect socially and physically through active transport, safe and accessible public places.
  • Promote and support community education and lifelong learning.
  • Provide support to programs that encourage elderly residents’  participation to physical, social and cultural activities.
  • Promote and help improve the community’s mental and physical health.
  • Promote gender equity, prevent violence against women and support the right of women to fully participate in all aspects of community life.
  • Support activities and programs that encourage participation to competitive and non-competitive sports for all ages and abilities.

PRIORITY TWO: Sustainable and Resilient Neighbourhoods

Proposals that;

  • Promote and address issues and problems created by climate changes and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Promote sustainable transport and initiatives that achieve good environmental outcomes.
  • Encourage responsible use of resources and promote composting and recycling.
  • Educate people on healthy and safe food.
  • Promote and educate participants to reduce water and energy use or adopt alternative sources of energy
  • Promote and encourage the establishment of community gardens
  • Educate young generations to respect and look after the natural environment

PRIORITY THREE: Thriving and Creative Cultures

Proposals that;

  • Celebrate communities’ special days and anniversaries.
  • Promote community participation in cultural, creative and artistic activities.
  • Foster inspiration, celebration, innovation and diversity in Darebin’s arts and culture.
  • Support local arts and culture festivals.
  • Enhance social, cultural connection and inclusion, pride of place and a sense of belonging.

Further Information
Community Grants Officer
Ph: 8470 8504

Arts Funding

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Funding is available from multiple arts organisations.

Arts Victoria
Arts Victoria is responsible for the State Government's arts policy. It oversees the state-owned cultural agencies and provides funding for arts and cultural initiatives.

Visit the Arts Victoria Website for further details.

Australia Council for the Arts
The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body. It invests in artists and arts organisations working in all types of arts including dance, theatre, literature, music and much more.

Visit the Australia Council for the Arts Website for further details.

Community Grants
Financial assistance is provided each year through the Art and Culture category of the Community Grant Scheme to support community groups and organisations to undertake community cultural development activities.

See Community Support Program for further details.

National Association for the Visual Arts Grants
These grants provide assistance towards the costs of public presentation of visual arts, craft and design. This can include:

  • Media releases
  • Media photographs
  • Advertising
  • Space rental and opening costs
  • Installation costs
  • Promotional printing and mail out
Visit the National Association for the Visual Arts website for further information.

Youth Encouragement Scheme
This program provides financial assistance to young people who wish to be invloved in sports, arts, culture and education.

Contact Youth Services for more information on 9496 1020.

Victorian Multicultural Commission
The Victorian Multicultural Commission has funding programs to assist ethnic and community based organisations with programs and activities that aim to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Visit the Multicultural Victorian Commission for more information.

VicHealth is a health promotion agency that creates environments to improve the health of the community. It contributes to the public by supporting health promotion activities in arts settings.

Visit the VicHealth Website for further information.

The GrantsLINK directory has information about federal, state and local government funding programs. GrantsLINK makes it easier to find suitable and relevant grants for your community projects from the many Australian government grants that are available.

Visit the GrantsLINK website for more information.

Further Information
Arts and Cultural Development Officer Ph: 8470 8458

Business Grants

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Help in the form of Funding and Support is available for your business.

The Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme

Applications close 18 April 2016! Be quick.

The Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme supports eligible businesses to bring forward capital investment projects, that will help them to establish or expand their high value manufacturing operations.

In round two, businesses will be able to apply for grants ranging from $500,000 to $2.5 million, for up to a third of their total eligible project costs.

Eligible activities include:

  • Acquisition, installation, construction and commissioning of new machinery and equipment; 
  • Fit out, alterations and/or extensions to existing premises related to the new machinery or equipment acquired through the Project; and
  • Training directly related to the use and maintenance of any new equipment or machinery to be acquired through the Project.

The programme is competitive and merit based. The assessment process will consider:

  • The net economic benefits the projects will deliver to South Australia or Victoria;
  • Evidence of high value manufacturing, such as a focus on technological innovation, advanced manufacturing processes and a highly skilled workforce;
  • Value for money, including evidence of the impact grant funding would have on the project going ahead and the outcomes achieved.

Round one of the Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme supported 26 businesses from a wide range of manufacturing sectors such as defence and aerospace, transportation, steel, and the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

For full program details, assessment criteria and assistance with applications, go to Next Generation Manufacturing Programme or call AusIndustry on 132846.

Applications under round two of the NGMIP will close on Monday, 18 April 2016.

Sector Growth Program

$20million Jobs Boost and Blueprint for Growth

 Just announced March 2016, this program builds on the Future Industries plans from the Victorian government and makes available grants of up to $1m per project. 

Two types of grants are available. 

1. Scoping, planning and feasibility studies:

Projects that will be considered for funding under Stream 1 of the program will focus on scoping, planning and feasibility studies directed at identifying opportunities aligned with the Future Industries Sector Strategies.  Funding of up to $10,000 is available.  Eligible activities can include:

  • Road mapping
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Sector capability audits
  • Economic impact analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sector opportunity analysis
  • Pathway to market strategy

2. Project implementation:

Projects that will be considered will focus on the implementation of projects aligned with the Future Industries Sector Strategies that enhance the applicants’ and the sectors’ growth, productivity and competitiveness. Funding of up to $1 million will be available for projects in Stream 2. All funding must be matched by a minimum cash co-contribution of $1 for every $1 funded. Projects are to be completed within two (2) years of the negotiation of a suitable grant agreement. Relevant activities include but are not limited to:

  • Shared infrastructure solutions
  • Piloting new technologies, such as demonstration plant/equipment
  • Establishing consolidated industry capability.

To be eligible for either stream, applications must be submitted on behalf of a consortium with a lead applicant which can be either private sector businesses;  not for profit organisations, such as educational or health institutions, Victorian local government authorities;  Victorian public sector agencies.

For full details of the program and eligibility criteria see the information at Business Victoria

Local Industry Fund for Transition, Melbourne's North (LIFT)

 The State Government has implemented this program, offering grants of up to $2 million to buinesses based in the North. The fund replaces the established Melbourne's North Innovation and Investment Fund (MNIIF) and supports projects that create sustainable jobs and economic activity. Eligible project expenditure may include: purchase of equipment or machinery to assist business establishment or expansion, direct labour costs, construction or fit-out of a new building or extension to existing premises. There is a cash co-contribution of $3 for every $1 granted. Preference will be given to projects that create jobs for local workers facing retrenchment due to the closure of automotive manufacturing operations.

Read more about the programme on the Fact Sheet or submit an expression of interest.

New Energy Jobs Fund

 The $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund will support Victorian-based projects that create long-term sustainable jobs, increase the uptake of renewable energy generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive innovation in new energy technologies.

Funding to support new energy technology projects will be available through three annual grant rounds. Up to $5 million is available for round one which isnow open and will close on 16 March 2016.

The second and third grant rounds are expected to open early in 2016 and 2017.

Find out more about the program and eligibility in the Fact Sheet and Program Guidelines.

Future Industries Manufacturing Program

The Victorian Government has established the $200 million Future Industries Fund to support six high-growth sectors that have potential for extraordinary economic growth - to create jobs and attract investment in Victoria.


  • Grants of up to $500k per business called for. Grants of less than $100k will not be accepted.

Business should:

Have the ability to meet the co-contribution requirement ($3 for every $1 granted)

The program provides grants of up to 25 per cent of eligible project expenditure, with a maximum grant of $500,000. Applicants will need to demonstrate how the project outcomes justify the grant investment.

Eligible project expenditure includes the following activities relating to the proposed project:

  • Capital expenditure and other project-related non-capitalised expenditure (but does not include vehicles, internal costs or salaries)
  • Manufacturing product and process improvements (including significant improvements in technical specifications; components and materials; software in the project; user friendliness or other functional characteristics; and/or new or significantly improved production or delivery methods)
  • Prototyping, evaluation and testing of new products and manufacturing processes
  • Supply chain capability development
  • Tooling
  • Training specific to the technology (external costs only)
  • Labour and contractors (but does not include internal salaries)
  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment, (for example, repurposing state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing equipment), or
  • Minor building alterations and fit-out costs

Assessment Criteria

  1. Impact of the Project on Employment and Skills
  2. The Level of Economic Benefit the Proposed Project will bring to Victoria
  3. The Demonstrated Skills, Experience and Resources Available to the Business to Successfully Undertake the Project
  4. Value for Money
  5. Need for Government Support.

Victoria's Automotive Transition Plan

Towards Future Industries: Victoria's Automotive Transition Plan

The Victorian Government has announced its $46.5 million Towards Future Industries: Victoria's Automotive Transition Plan to help businesses, workers and communities affected by the closure of automotive manufacturing operations to meet the challenges ahead and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Assistance for businesses:

The Government has established the new $5 million Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program to support Victorian automotive supply chain companies affected by the closure of passenger vehicle manufacturing in Victoria.

Assistance of up to $65,000 will be provided to eligible supply chain companies to help guide them through this period.

The funding will help companies develop a transition plan to identify new opportunities and target sectors and markets, and provide assistance to pursue those opportunities.

Find out more or apply for Automotive Supply Chain Transition Program.

Other Grant Opportunities

Find a grant for your business on the Business Victoria portal or with the Federal Government's grant finder there are hundreds of grants available for businesses to take advantage of.

Further Information:
Business Development
Ph: 8470 8344