Council Initiatives

Council's key projects occurring within the City, includes masterplans and 10 year strategies.

Reservoir Streetscape Masterplan

The Reservoir Streetscape Masterplan was identified as a priority project in the adopted Reservoir Structure Plan. In September 2014 the Reservoir Streetscape Masterplan was endorsed by Council. It will guide improvements to the Edwardes Street and Broadway streetscapes over a 10 year period.

During the development and community engagement process of the Structure Plan, the poor quality and amenity of the public environment was a reoccurring issue. As the centre will accommodate more residents, and attract more businesses and visitors to the centre over time, ensuring that the public amenity and amount of public spaces will be vital to the health and wellbeing of the community, as well as supporting the economic development of this precinct.

The Master Plan establishes a design theme for the retail streets and public realm of Reservoir.  Recommendations for streetscape furnishings, public art, and vegetation and design treatments will lend coherence to Edwardes Street and Broadway. This work, coupled with the Reservoir Identity Study is seen as an important early step in unifying the Reservoir Village (Edwardes Street) and the Broadway shopping precincts.

The Master Plan provides a series of recommendations over a 10 year period for the centre as well as providing a series of place making strategies, to inspire Council and empower the community to foster Reservoir’s distinct character/identity and create memorable experiences in the centre.

Key projects in the Master Plan
The Master Plan identifies a series of key projects which will positively change the private realm and engender community pride and ownership.

These include:

  • Greening of the Centre, with additional street trees and new garden beds. This will be delivered over the next 2 years.
  • Footpath Replacement, will assist in giving the centre a ‘fresh look’, promote walking and provide a safe pedestrian environment for the all users.
  • Creating additional public space in the centre, through reclaiming road space. This will include enhancing existing kerb extensions on Edwardes Street, and creating new spaces on Broadway. The look and feel of these spaces will be similar for both Edwardes Street and Broadway, and play a key role in visually connecting the centre.
  • Delivering a new public park on Broadway, where the existing toilet block is located (bounded by Cheddar Road, Broadway and High Street). A temporary ‘pop-up’ space will be delivered in early next year, to then inform the permanent design of the park.
  • Enhancing Reservoir laneways, as they play a pivotal role in the pedestrian network of the centre. Revitalisation will include new paving treatments, public lighting, public seating and installation of temporary and permanent public art and vegetation where appropriate.
  • Edwardes Street redesign, will include a redistribution of unused road space through the core section of Edwardes Street, to the footpath area. Increasing the footpath areas will result in traffic calming for the centre, and in turn improving pedestrian safety and amenity for Edwardes Street.

The 2014/2015 budget has allocated $400,000 to the implementation of this Master Plan. This will deliver paving improvements, additional garden beds and street trees, kerb extensions to create public spaces and the Broadway Temporary Park.

Further Information
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Tram Route 86

Council partnered with the State Government in 2011 in an integrated public transport and urban renewal project designed to make catching a tram along Route 86 safer, faster, more reliable and easier to access. We also wanted to make High Street Northcote more vibrant, attractive, safer and easier to move around.

The new tram stops have a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists between the passenger waiting area and trams. Cyclists are required to stop behind the tram when it stops to allow passengers to get on and off the tram safely.

The project covered a 6.8 kilometre corridor reaching from Westgarth Street (Northcote) up to Albert Street (Reservoir). It involved upgrading tram stops and making major changes to the road environment to make tram travel along this route quicker and easier.

The project aimed to give pedestrians more priority in key strip shopping and activity centres, improving pedestrian safety and mobility, and visual amenity to make the area more vibrant and attractive.

Next Stages
Implementation of Stage 2 of the project is subject to funding received by State Government.

Further Information
Tram Route 86 Corridor Project Project Summary
Northcote on Track Video

Keon Park Children's Hub

A new $5 million Keon Park Children’s Hub facility is coming to Reservoir. Designed by Mantric Architecture, the new state of the art facility will be located in Dole Avenue Reservoir, and will provide a range of dedicated children’s services and multi-purpose spaces.

The Hub will include two 33-place kindergarten rooms, two maternal child and health consulting rooms and multi-use family meeting spaces. Environmentally sustainable design elements are integral to the design of the Hub. The Hub is due for completion in late 2014, in readiness for occupation commencing 2015.

At the Council meeting of 19 August 2013, Council resolved to award a contract for the construction of the new Keon Park Children’s Hub to ADCO Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd. The State of Victoria under the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s capital funding initiative has contributed $1.5 million towards the construction of the hub to promote and assist the establishment of early childhood services facilities in the community.

Since commencing on site in October 2013, construction works have continued in a steady and positive pace. Extreme heat days have impacted on the works program however the project remains on schedule for completion in late 2014.

Next Stages
Construction works will intensify over the coming months as the many various building trades start with the internal works.

Pictured: Artist's impression of Keon Park Children’s Hub exterior view of North East Carpark.
Pictured: Artist's impression of Keon Park Children’s Hub exterior view of North East Carpark.