Community Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees foster community participation and allow the community to provide input into policy and service development.

Darebin City Council is establishing a Welcoming Cities Reference Group to support our progress towards achieving the Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities.


On 7 August 2017, Darebin City Council became signatory to the Welcoming Cities Standard, becoming part of both a national network of cities, shires, towns and municipalities and a global movement of 135 municipalities.
Welcoming Cities, an initiative of the Scanlon Foundation and Welcome to Australia, aims to support local councils to become more welcoming and inclusive of new communities. Members are committed to an Australia where everyone can belong and participate in social, cultural, economic and civic life. This is achieved through the application of the Australian Standard for Welcoming Cities (the Standard)

Establishing a Reference Group 

To support Council’s progress towards achieving the Standard’s principles and criteria, a Darebin Welcoming Cities Reference Group is being established to inform and support the development of the actions and strategies that Council will implement to meet the Standard. 

The Reference Group will comprise of three (3) non-voting members and eleven (11) voting members, of which are representatives of key community and migrant support agencies and anti-racism agencies or organisations. Members will provide strategic and practical advice, identify new opportunities, facilitate input from community members and will meet formally on a quarterly basis.

For detailed information about the operation of the Welcoming Cities Reference Group, including membership duties and governing process, see the Darebin Welcoming Cities Reference Group Terms of Reference.

How you can nominate to be a member 

Complete and return the Expression of Interest form, by 5pm Sunday 6 January 2019, via:
  - Email:
  - In person: Darebin City Council Customer Service, 274 Gower Street Preston
  - By Mail: Darebin City Council, PO Box 91, Preston 3072

Further information:
Coordinator Equity & Diversity
Monday - Friday
Ph: 8470 8365

Council is establishing a new organisation called Climate Emergency Darebin (CED) to help the Council to implement the Darebin Climate Emergency Plan.

The Climate Emergency Darebin (CED) Advisory Committee is assisting Council to implement the Darebin Climate Emergency Plan by:

  • Collaborating with Council on the climate emergency (both problems and solutions), including on how to engage all levels of government
  • Engaging with the community about the climate emergency and how a safe climate can be restored, including through knowledge sharing, capacity building, education and training
  • Mobilising and activating the community broadly and deeply around the climate emergency issue, and facilitating community contributions to action, including via volunteerism and donations
  • Researching and developing strategy and solutions relating to the climate emergency
  • Advising Council on the establishment of the legal structure of Climate Emergency Darebin (CED), anticipated to be a Company limited by guarantee, and on a sustainable funding model for CED, identifying sources of funding
  • Developing and/or trialling innovative programs and delivery mechanisms which can be scaled up to achieve significant change.

The advisory committee consists of six community members, two Councillors and the Darebin Council CEO and will continue to meet approximately monthly up to February 2019 to advise in establishing Climate Emergency Darebin.

Climate Emergency Darebin

Climate Emergency Darebin has been established by Darebin Council to accelerate sustained and meaningful action on the climate emergency, and support Darebin Council to achieve the goals set out in its Climate Emergency Plan.  The Climate Emergency Darebin Committee includes community volunteers, Councillors and the Council's CEO.  As it develops, Climate Emergency Darebin will draw on additional support from people within the community to achieve its goals.

Climate Emergency Darebin's vision is for the restoration of a safe climate for all.  To achieve this we will be focusing on these key areas of work:

  • Climate solutions (zero emissions across the economy and in community lifestyles, and CO2 drawdown)
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Community and business mobilisation, engagement and education
  • Climate policy and strategy advocacy to governments at all levels in Australia and internationally
  • Climate solutions research (safe climate restoration and adaptation/resilience) and strategy development

 Please see Climate Emergency Darebin's strategic plan for more information.

Further information:
Gavin Mountjoy
Phone: 8470 8535

The Active and Healthy Ageing Board was established in 2012 and is comprised of older people living in Darebin and two Councillors. The Board meets 4 - 6 times each year.


The Board:

  • Helps Council think about ways that older people can stay active and connected to the community
  • Works with Council to consider ways that programs, services and events can be welcoming of older people
  • Acts as a voice for older people, their carers and families. The Board can raise issues that are important to older people and advocate for their rights
  • Monitors and advises through the Active and Healthy Ageing Strategy 2011 – 2021 to the broader community.
  • Makes recommendations to Council regarding matters affecting the interests of older adults in Darebin.


The Active and Healthy Ageing Board (AHAB) is made up of older people from different backgrounds and walks of life, living in Darebin, as well as two Darebin Councillors.

Support for the Board

To help Board members to attend meetings, Council can help with things like: travel, attendant carers, respite care and language interpreters

Minutes and Agendas




How to get involved

When vacancies occur on the Active and Healthy Ageing Board, a public notice is placed in the local newspapers and a letter sent to relevant local group seeking expressions of interest.

You can arrange to speak with one of the Board members about issues that are important to you. To be put in touch with a Board member or for more information, contact:

Active and Healthy Ageing Board
Ph: 8470 8339

Active and Healthy Ageing Board Terms of Reference.

In 2013, Council endorsed the establishment of the Darebin Arts Ambassadors Reference Group to advise Council on any matters relating to the arts in Darebin.

Council collaborates with advisors from the local community and from the local creative sector to assist on matters relating to the arts and creative sector in Darebin.

Council plays an important role in contributing to, and supporting, a local and dynamic creative community, and this advisory group has the diverse expertise, experience and commitment to ensure Darebin has a thriving arts and creative culture.

In relation to Darebin’s arts and creative culture, Council has a primary responsibility for understanding and articulating the community’s values and desired future for providing opportunities for cultural learning, arts participation and creative expression.

Council also plays a significant role in striking a balance between contributing to, and supporting, an evolving and dynamic creative sector as well as effectively addressing local needs through creative initiatives and programs.

There are three primary drivers that define the role and investment of Council in delivering a comprehensive portfolio of arts and cultural initiatives, programming and infrastructure:

  1. Improved social cohesion, wellbeing and connectedness through arts and creative experiences for those who live, work, study or play in the City of Darebin.
  2. Contribute to an environment and make possible the conditions that encourage creative endeavour and enterprise to proliferate.
  3. Set the strategic agenda for facilitating the growth of creative culture across the Northern Metropolitan region.

Related document: Darebin Arts Ambassadors Reference Group Terms of Reference.

The Committee was formed as part of our continued commitment to work in partnership with the Darebin Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The Committee provides Council with strategic advice and direction on issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities, particularly in the Darebin region. These issues range from access and inclusion, health and wellbeing, education, housing, social justice, local heritage and art and culture.

The committee also monitors the implementation of the Aboriginal Action Plan and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment strategy and facilitates ongoing consultation within the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Related documents:

Further information:
Aboriginal Contact Officer 
Stuart McFarlane
Phone: 8470 8366

The committee provides advice on improving cycling conditions for people riding in our City.


Membership of the committee includes a Councillor, two Council officers and 10 community members, and a representative of the Darebin Bicycle User Group.

Dates of 2019 meetings:

  • Tuesday 30 April

  • Tuesday 18 June

  • Tuesday 3 September

  • Tuesday 3 December

Minutes are usually published three weeks after the meeting date. 

Contact us for copies of previous minutes.  

Terms of Reference - Darebin Bicycle Advisory Committee

Further information:
Sustainable Transport Officer
Phone: 8470 8683

Advisory Committees foster community participation and allow the community to provide input into policy and service development.

Advisory Committees foster community participation and allow the community to provide input into policy and service development.

The Committee was first established to provide guidance in the development of the Darebin Education Inquiry during 2012 - 2013.

The Inquiry provides a comprehensive analysis of the experience of secondary education and factors which influence public education provision in the City of Darebin. There were eight findings and eight recommendations. The Summary Report is available online 

The Report was launched in 2014 and included a showcase of eleven schools in Darebin in their collaborative and inclusive practice.

The Committee continues to have an important advisory role to Council of educational and learning priorities in the municipality. One of its key roles is to oversee the implementation of the Inquiry’s eight recommendations.


The objectives of Darebin’s Education Committee are to:

  • Oversee and add value to the implementation of the Darebin’s Education Inquiry Report Recommendations
  • Assist in building and strengthening relations between Darebin Council and Darebin-based schools
  • Advocate to relevant authorities on the educational needs of Darebin’s children and young people
  • Keep abreast of  innovation and best practice in education and advocate for improvements in the quality and diversity of education available to children and young people in the municipality
  • Act as a forum for information exchange and exploration of new ideas in education
  • Play an active role in informing and organising an annual signature event by Council on Education
  • Support and promote community partnerships and the sharing of good practices in education and schooling


Membership of the Education Committee includes a nominated Councillor, Council management and staff, Darebin school principals and other relevant school representatives and representatives of community based organisations committed to strengthening education provision in Darebin.


Council convenes meetings of the Education Committee four times per year.


Darebin Education Committee Minutes 2014

March 2014

May 2014

July 2014

September 2014

November 2014

March 2015

Further information contact:

Community Renewal Officer 8470 8219

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Darebin Disability Advisory Committee (DDAC). The Committee provides advice to Council on issues relating to access and inclusion for people with disabilities and carers living, working, studying or visiting Darebin.

To promote and advocate for, improved access and equity within Council and the wider community, irrespective of age, type of disability, gender, culture or linguistic background.
The Committee also monitors the implementation of Council's Access and Inclusion Plan.

DDAC is Chaired by a Councillor and comprises community representatives with lived experience of disability, carers or people with disabilities, local service providers and relevant Council staff. The committee is a closed committee and vacancies are advertised when positions become vacant. Membership is not limited to a minimum or maximum term for any of its members.

You do not need to be a member to raise items on the agenda. If you would like to raise an item with the committee please make contact on the details listed below.

Support to participate
Any disability-related support required to participate will be covered by Council. This includes costs of travel, attendant care, respite care, language interpreters, Auslan interpreting and other reasonable costs. 

Meeting dates for 2019 
Monday 4 February - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 1 April - meeting agenda and minutes 
Monday 3 June - meeting agenda and minutes 
Monday 5 August - meeting agenda and minutes 
Monday 7 October - meeting agenda and minutes 
Monday 2 December - meeting agenda and minutes 

Meeting dates for 2018 
Monday 5 February - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 16 April - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 4 June - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 6 August - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 1 October - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 10 December - meeting agenda and minutes 

Agendas and Minutes 2017
Monday 6 February - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 3 April - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 5 June - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 7 August - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 2 October - meeting agenda and minutes
Monday 4 December - meeting agenda and minutes

Further Information
Terms of Reference (latest version October 2016)
Darebin Disability Advisory Committee
Ph: 8470 8315

National Relay Service
- TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 03 8470 8888
- Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 03 8470 8888
- Internet relay users connect to the NRS then ask for 03 8470 8888

Darebin's Environmental Reference Group provides community feedback and assistance to Council regarding local environmental and sustainability issues.

View the Darebin Environment Reference Group meeting minutes:

Meeting Minutes 2017
September 2017
August 2017
June 2017
May 2017
February 2017

Meeting Minutes 2016
September 2016
August 2016
June 2016
April 2016
February 2016

Meeting Minutes 2015 
November 2015
September 2015
August 2015
June 2015
April 2015
February 2015

Meeting Minutes 2014
December 2014
October 2014
September 2014
August 2014
June 2014
May 2014
April 2014
February 2014

Further information:
Environmental Education and Promotions Officer
Phone: 8470 8373

The Council is a collaborative partnership between members of different faiths aimed at providing information, guidance and inspiration to the local community on matters related to the benefits of interfaith collaboration and dialogue.

The Darebin Interfaith Council Committee was established on the 29 June 2005 and is managed by a two year appointed Governing Committee.


  • To create an opportunity for dialogue between religious leaders and community members of diverse faith background.
  • To provide advice to Council on interfaith and intercultural collaboration.
  • To provide leadership to the Darebin community on matters pertaining to interfaith relations, interfaith understanding and cooperation.
  • To promote the work of interfaith collaboration and interfaith understanding in the City of Darebin.
  • To act as a source of information and advice to Darebin City Council and the Darebin community on interfaith related matters.
  • To work on issues of concern to Darebin’s communities.
  • To promote social harmony and cohesion between diverse faith communities and the protection of human rights.
  • To work towards eliminating racial and religious prejudice, intolerance and vilification.

Since its establishment the Committe has been actively working at a municipal and regional level to promote peace and harmony through dialogue and engagement with community leaders and faith representatives. This is achieved through the organisation of annual events and projects which are open to the participation of the Darebin community.



Council is now seeking expressions of interest from community members who identify as women of all ages, abilities, Indigenous status, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, sexuality, education and income levels, employment status and/or carer role, who would like to join the Darebin Women’s Advisory Committee.

Applications via Expression of Interest close Monday 25 February 2019.

Expression of Interest form

DWAC Terms of Reference


About DWAC:

Established in 2009, the Committee aims to support the right of women to fully and equally engage and participate in the life of the community.  Council upholds our commitment to local women and their rights by hearing the voices of women in our community through the Committee.

The purpose of DWAC is to advise Council on issues and barriers to equality affecting women in their diversity in the City of Darebin, notably by providing a gender lens on issues, policies, services or programs.

DWAC also promotes and advocates for gender equity and women's full and equal participation within the wider context of the Darebin community, and raises awareness of gender as a key social determinant that Council and community should take into account.

Membership is open to women who live, work and study in Darebin.


Further Information:
Preventing Violence Against Women Officer
Ph: 8470 8498




This Committee was established in 2012 to hear the voices of our LGBTIQ residents, and act as a community advisory committee to Council for all matters affecting our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer residents.

Committee Meetings
The Committee meets quarterly to advise us on issues and barriers to equality affecting sexuality and sex and gender diverse (SGD) communities.

Membership is through an expression of interest process as per the Terms of Reference. Purpose
The establishment of the Committee followed recommendations made in a public forum to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) in 2011. It reflects a commitment by Council to strengthen the work that it currently does around increased inclusiveness of all in Darebin, regardless of sexuality, sex characteristics or gender identity. 

The purpose of the committee is to:
  • Advise us on issues and barriers to equality affecting LGBTIQ people in Darebin
  • Promote and advocate for equality and social inclusion of LGBTIQ residents within the wider context of the Darebin community
  • Raise awareness about sexuality, sex characteristics and gender diversity as facets of social diversity.
Further Information
Diversity Policy Officer
Ph: 8470 8423