Local Laws

Darebin City Council has power under the Local Government Act 1989 to make local laws to ensure the equitable and fair use of Council owned and managed infrastructure.

A requirement of the Local Government Act is that a local law must not be inconsistent with any Act or regulation (State or Federal). Local laws are therefore aimed at dealing with local issues.

The Governance Local Law covers the conduct of Council and Committee meetings, the common seal and election of Mayor.

Council Meeting Governance Rules (Meeting Procedure and Common Seal) Local Law 2020 (Local Law No.1 of 2020) is made under Part 5 section 111 of the Local Government Act 1989.

The objectives of this Local Law are to:

(1) Regulate proceedings at Council and Special Committee meetings and other meetings conducted by or on behalf of Council where Council has resolved that the provisions  of the Local Law are to apply

(2) Regulate the proceedings for the election of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor (if any) and Chairpersons of Committees

(3) Regulate the use of the common seal

(4) Make provision for related administrative procedures

(5) Provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district.

The General Local Law covers amenity and nuisance issues such as ‘burning-off’, selling goods, advertising signs and the keeping of animals.

General Local Law 2015 (Local Law No.1 of 2015) is made under Part 5, Section 111 of the Local Government Act 1989

The objectives of the Local Law are to provide for the:

  1. Protection, safe and fair use and enjoyment of Council property
  2. Protection of the visual amenity of the municipality to a standard that meets the general expectations of the community
  3. Keeping and control of animals, on land and on Council property and
  4. Uniform and fair administration and enforcement of this Local Law. 

        General Local Law 2015

Incorporated documents

Local Law Fact Sheets



The purpose of this Local Law is to protect and enhance the urban character, by regulating tree removal and pruning of trees on private property.

Tree Protection on Private Property Local Law No. 01 of 2019. This Local Law is made under Section 111(1) of the Local Government Act 1989.

The objectives of this Local Law are to ensure that the urban forest is healthy, safe, provides amenity and increases liveability for the community by:
(a) prohibiting, regulating and controlling activities that could be a risk or endanger protected trees in the Municipal District; and
(b) applying controls which will complement other controls being applied by the Council to maintain and protect trees in the Municipal District.

For more information on Tree Protection and to apply for a Tree Protection Permit, click here.

Mobile or Itinerant traders are mobile food vans, ice cream vendors, mobile flower sellers etc.

Mobile Traders

Traders (e.g. mobile food vans, ice cream vendors, mobile flower sellers) must obtain an Mobile Vendor Permit from Council in order to sell goods or services.

Conditions do apply, for instance Public Liability Insurance must be obtained prior to trade.

Traders must not conduct business within a 500m radius of an established business (business trading from a building) whose prime product is of a similar nature. Traders must comply with all health and traffic regulations.

Permit Fees (per year):

Itinerant Traders $1,937.00

Permit period is 1 July to 30 June each year.

Will I need any other permits?

You will also need to obtain a Food Act Registration Permit.


Charities are required to obtain permission from Council prior to conducting any fundraising activities.

Charity Fundraising

Fundraising permits allow charities to collect pledge donations and funds within the City of Darebin.

Permits are issued by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association. Pledge permits are only offered to charities registered with the PFRA.

Further Information:

Intersection collections

Charities are required to obtain permission from Council prior to conducting any intersection collections. A maximum of  two intersection collection per calendar year will be approved for each charity. Intersection collections can only be conducted at intersections where neither intersecting road is above 60 kms per hr. Intersections on the border of more than one council must have approval from all councils.

Once permission has been granted, the charity will be supplied with a 'Letter of No Objection' from Council which must be submitted with the application to the Victorian Police before they can conduct a collection.

Further Information:
Victoria Police

Other Fundraising Activities

Please contact council to discuss any other fundraising activity

Further Information:
Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

A permit is required before placing a skip bin on public roads or land.

Skip Bins

Skip Bin companies wishing to place skip bins (mini skips) on public land within Darebin must first obtain a permit.

Please ensure you read through the 2020/2021 Bulk Rubbish Containers - Guidelines for Suppliers. Failing to obtain a permit prior to proceeding with the work or complying with council guidelines will incur penalties and fines.

Types of Permits 

  1. Unlimited annual permit *
  2. Single bin placement permit

* Holders of an unlimited annual permit must submit a Placement Notification form 24 hours prior to any placements.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the required application form

  2. Lodge your application by email HERE 

  3. On approval you will receive an invoice.


 Further Information:

Customer Service

Ph: 8470 8888