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A great community can only be built with the assistance of our residents, businesses and rate payers. Let us know what you think we could do to improve the City!

The draft Darebin Budget 2021-22 has been put together and is open for community feedback. We invite you to make a submission by 10 May 2021.

This year’s budget outlines how we will deliver services and programs to our community in line with the first year of priorities of our four-year Council Plan, and continues Council's proactive approach to supporting the community through the COVID recovery.

To view the budget, and learn how to make a submission, visit

After every Council election we are required to review the allowances for our Mayor and Councillors by 30 June the following year. We invite you to make a submission on this proposal before 10 May 2021.

Mayor and Councillors are entitled to receive an allowance while performing their duty as an elected official under section 39 of the Local Government Act 2020.

Council is proposing to retain the annual allowances for the Mayor and Councillors at the maximum limit set for a Category 3 Council.

The Category 3 Council maximum limits are:

  • Mayoral Allowance – $100,434
  • Councillor Allowance – $31,444

For more information about the review and how to make a submission, visit

We're reviewing our Toy Library Service to make sure it continues to be contemporary, accessible, affordable and responsive to our diverse community.

If you have children aged zero to six years old we would love to hear from you! We want to hear from both toy library members and non-members alike.

For more information and to complete an online survey or attend a pop-up engagement session, visit:


Darebin City Council is currently seeking community feedback to help develop its new Domestic Animal Management Plan. Feedback is open until 27 April 2021.

Community feedback will be used to help prepare a draft Domestic Animal Management Plan which also identifies opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between neighbouring councils. A draft plan will be developed and shared with the community for comment before Council considers adoption of a final plan. We are consulting with the community on this now and want to hear from you!

For more information please visit

Darebin’s population is expected to grow from 155,000 in 2016 to more than 230,000 in 2041 and new and upgraded infrastructure such as roads, paths, community centres, sports facilities, and more will be required to meet the needs of the growing community in the future.

Council aims to introduce a new Development Contributions Plan in Darebin to ensure the cost of providing essential infrastructure is shared.

In the Council Plan 2017-21, Council committed to creating a new municipal-wide Development Contributions Plan (DCP) which would introduce a levy on new development to help fund new and upgraded infrastructure as our City grows. A DCP is a common tool used by local government to ensure that the cost of providing infrastructure is shared between developers and the wider community on a fair and equitable basis.

Council is proposing changes to the Darebin Planning Scheme to introduce the new DCP. Public exhibition of Amendment C170dare occurred in late 2020 and community and stakeholder submissions were invited.

A Council meeting was held on 22 March 2021 where Council considered all submissions and resolved to request that the Minister for Planning appoint an independent Planning Panel to consider Amendment C170dare.

What's happening now?

An independent planning panel has been appointed to consider Amendment C170dare. The first step of this process is a Directions Hearing which takes place before the Main Hearing.

Directions Hearing - Planning Panel: 16 April 2021

Due to COVID-19 and the associated physical distancing requirements, the Directions Hearing for Darebin Planning Scheme Amendment C170dare will proceed by video conference at 10am on Friday 16 April 2021.

Parties to the Hearing have been contacted by Planning Panels Victoria regarding these arrangements. The Panel will hear this matter in an open forum, consistent with its obligation to conduct hearings in public.

To observe proceedings, you can access the live stream at Darebin C170dare - Directions Hearing. If you have any questions, please contact Planning Panels Victoria at

As with in-person hearings, please be advised that the Hearing must not be recorded in any part or in any way without permission from the Panel. This includes audio and video recording.

Main Hearing - Planning Panel

The Main Hearing has been preliminarily set for May 2021, subject to confirmation by Planning Panels Victoria. Submitters to the amendment will have a chance to have their say at the Panel hearing. 

To find out more about the proposed DCP and the progress of Amendment C170dare visit

Darebin Council strongly believes that community input is critical to good decision making. In 2019 we heard from many people that they want a localised approach to address parking challenges as our City grows.

To find out more about how to request parking changes in your street please click here.

Parking Change Requests Currently Being Processed

Gillies Street and Railway Place, Fairfield 

Feedback during step one of the parking change process returned varied views on how best to handle the challenges observed and measured for this area. This feedback was used to inform the proposed changes.

Council is proposing changes to support access to properties and businesses in the Fairfield Activity Centre and are seeking community feedback on the proposed changes.

Proposed Changes:  

Gillies Street, Fairfield

To help manage parking and access in Gillies Street Fairfield, Council is proposing that unrestricted parking on the Eastern side of the road is changed to 2P during the day (from 8am to 6pm). 

View this map to see the proposed changes.

Existing conditions for certain areas will remain, including:

  • Keeping the unrestricted parking on the Western side at all times.
  • For all areas to continue to be unrestricted overnight from 6pm to 8am.
  • Keeping existing restricted areas the same.

This would prevent long stay commuters parking on the Eastern side of the street. It would also reduce parking pressure overall in the street because some residents that are eligible for permits would start to use the East side - easing pressure on the West. 

Railway Place, Fairfield

Thank you to everyone that completed the online survey or provided feedback to Council.

We have taken your comments into consideration. To improve access to the activity centre and make parking more convenient for residents and their visitors, Council is proposing:

  • change the unrestricted parking on the north side of Railway Place near Station Street to include:
    • an area of 2P 8am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday
    • a new 15-minute parking space
    • a new car share space
  • change the south side between Gillies Street and Rathmines Street to:
    • 1P to operate between 8am – 6pm on Monday to Saturday only
    • a new 15-minute parking space
  • change the north side between Gillies Street and Rathmines Street as follows:
    • the 3P to operate from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday only
    • the existing unrestricted parking space for people with a disability to 3P and operate from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday only
    • install a new parking space for people with a disability with a 3P limit and to operate from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday only

The following parking controls and street features will remain the same:

  • the 1P parking on the south between Gillies Street and Station Street,
  • all areas of 15minute, 1P, 2P and 3P to be unrestricted overnight from 6pm to 8am, and
  • the bike corral and existing car share space.

map of the proposed changes is shown here.

How to provide feedback

Your feedback on this proposed parking change is very important to Council. We would appreciate if you undertook Gillies Street survey before 31 January.

You can also email us your feedback by 5 February to

If you would like to speak to someone in your preferred language about the proposed changes, please contact us or call 8470 8470 to be connected to a Language Aide or an interpreter.

What happens next?

Once the consultation period has concluded we will consider all feedback and decide whether to proceed with the proposed changes, or whether to adjust them.

To find out about the final decision and when any changes will be made you can watch this space, and local residents will receive a letter in their mailbox. 

The planned changes on Railway Place are expected to be completed before the end of April 2021.

Further Information

Gillies Street, Fairfield

Railway Place, Fairfield



This project has been designed to support hospitality venues safely expand outdoor dining areas into approved public spaces and operate within the health restrictions advised by the Victorian Government.

What’s happening now?

Applications to extend outdoor dining are being assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration amenity, safety and site-specific conditions such as impacts on residents, as well as the need to maintain social distancing and provide ease of access for pedestrians and essential vehicles. Council will continue to review the temporary permits as needed for safety and amenity.

Businesses wanting to apply for extended outdoor dining can find more information here.

How will I be impacted by these temporary changes?

As part of this project, Council has worked in partnership with local businesses to install parklets - on-road car parking spaces that have been reallocated for outdoor dining use.

We want to ensure the community is aware of the parklets that are being installed within their area. To view a map that contains a list of the parklets that Council has supported through this project, please visit

How can I provide feedback?

Visit to provide your feedback on this project. We welcome feedback on what you think about these temporary measures and other locations you think we should consider parklets and activities. This feedback will help us to ensure that the temporary measures are a good fit for their environment and to inform Council’s future planning for the municipality.

You can also leave your feedback by calling our Customer Service team on 8470 8888 Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.


Council is trialling solutions to make it easier and safer to move around Darebin, starting with the installation of our first pop-up bike lane on South Crescent in Northcote.

What’s happened so far?

In response to community need, Council passed a resolution of 29 June 2020 to trial temporary bike lanes in select locations around Darebin. We’ve also successfully advocated to State Government for the installation of the Department of Transport’s first pop-up bike lane in Heidelberg Road nearby.

Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, notification letters were delivered to residents in South Crescent and adjacent streets, and the lane was installed in mid-December.

Why start with South Crescent?

South Crescent in Northcote was chosen as a great candidate for this trial due to its connectedness to other key bike routes and its proximity to the State Government’s upcoming Heidelberg Road pop-up bike lane.

People use the bike route in South Crescent as an important connection to local shops and schools and to connect to bike routes such as the Merri Creek Trail and St Georges Road. It’s also part of Darebin’s signposted Shimmy backstreet bike network.

Parking data collection over the last four months of the pandemic has shown 5% parking occupancy along the southern side of the street where the bike lane will be installed. This is equivalent to around 19 parking spaces empty out of every 20. Parking data collection in South Crescent and adjacent streets will continue throughout the trial.


To find out more information about Council's pop-up bike lane trial and to provide your feedback, visit


We are planning now so that NARC meets the needs of the community in the future

While the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre (NARC) is closed to the public until further notice due to restrictions in place to slow the spread of coronavirus, Council remains committed to planning for the future of this valued community asset.

The redevelopment of NARC is an important project that will boost the local economy and provide many jobs for local people as well as ensure residents have access to a welcoming and innovative space to exercise and socialise.

To find the latest information about this project and to follow its progress, visit the Your Say project page. Here you can find out what’s happened so far, subscribe to receive updates via email, find frequently asked questions and browse the proposed designs for the new facility.

A new project is underway to relocate the Darebin Intercultural Centre.

Over the next few months, Council will work with a Community Reference Group which will provide advice on the future design and programming objectives of the relocated Centre.

In its new centrally located position within the Preston Civic buildings on the corner of High and Gower Streets, the Centre will be a visible expression of Council’s commitment to a more just society.

To stay up-to-date with the project visit, Your Say Darebin.

In 2018, the City of Darebin launched an exciting project to transform part of our local street network into more people-friendly places.

As our city continues to grow, the role and function of our local streets is changing. Darebin City Council is committed to working with our community to help define what our streets will look and feel like in the future.  

We are now inviting feedback on the draft proposals for the Preston Activity Link (West) and the Croxton West Place-Making Project. Whether you live locally or just pass through occasionally, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

To find out more about the Preston Activity Link (West) and give your feedback, visit Your Say Darebin

To find out more about the Croxton West Place-Making Project and give your feedback, visit Your Say Darebin

Creating a bushland sanctuary, a natural place of welcome, play and retreat in the heart of Reservoir West' is the community’s vision for Darebin’s newest park.

Over the past two years, Council has been working closely with a group of residents to create a vision and master plan for your new park.
The Reimagining Ruthven draft master plan outlines a vision to guide the transformation of the former Ruthven Primary School into a native park in Reservoir West, over the next 20- 30 years.
What's next?
The consultation period is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to the Reimagining Ruthven draft master plan.
We are currently reviewing all comments received to help inform final changes to the master plan.
The final Reimagining Ruthven master plan will be presented back to Council for adoption in April 2020.
You can check out the draft master plan by visiting

Submissions now open - Council is proposing to increase the open space levy to ensure Darebin continues to be a great place to live.

We are proposing to change the planning scheme to enable Council to collect a higher open space levy from developers.

As the city grows, and housing density increases, an increased open space levy will help ensure our neighbourhoods have the green open space that the community needs.

The open space levy is a fee paid to Council by property owners who wish to subdivide land (some exemptions apply).

The proposal to increase the levy is a key action from Council’s new Breathing Space: The Darebin Open Space Strategy and the Council Plan 2017-2021.

We are now accepting submissions to  Planning Scheme Amendment C186dare, which proposes to increase the open space levy. Anyone can make a submission to the Amendment.

Submissions in response to the proposed increase can be made until 16 December 2019.

For more information and to find out details for upcoming community drop-in sessions, click on the link below.

Your Say Darebin

The Independent Panel has finalised the Age Friendly Darebin report

On 22 July 2019, Darebin City Council endorsed the Age Friendly Darebin final report and majority of its recommendations. This is a big step in Darebin’s Age Friendly journey.

This reinvestment of ‘aged services resources’ in ‘Age Friendly’ initiatives is a milestone for Darebin and the recommendations endorsed by Council provide unique opportunities to refocus how Darebin City Council will continue to build and invest in inclusive communities for all residents, regardless of age or ability.

Visit the Your Say Darebin webpage for more information and to read the full report.

Whether you’re a first time shopper or have been trading for generations, the Market is the beating heart of Preston. The market has served us for 49 years and will continue to feed our families, be a familiar meeting place for friends and play a central role in the lives of locals in Preston.

The State Government and the market landowner are making plans to change Preston Market and the site around it and to provide new housing, jobs and shops.

The Victorian Planning Authority is reviewing the town planning requirements for the precinct. This review will result in new planning controls including a new structure plan – which set out requirements for any future development.

Council has been working intensively to ensure the voice of the community is heard throughout this review. We’re working hard to ask the State Government and developer to protect critical elements, including the market’s unique identity, its heritage, and its existing traders before, during and after redevelopment.

Council was surprised to recently learn that the Victorian Government has decided to nominate the Preston Market Precinct for ‘fast tracking’ of the review of planning controls. Council was not consulted or informed about this decision beforehand.

Council’s endorsed objectives and key elements set out the things that must happen for a future Preston Market Precinct to be a place for everyone, and create a liveable, safe, sustainable precinct. The objectives and key elements of the Heart of Preston will be used as a tool to assess any future plans or development proposals and identify any risks to the viability or character of the market, or suboptimal planning outcomes for the broader precinct. Council is calling for a package of strong protections to be built into the planning process.

For more information on the VPA's plans, please visit their website.

For more information on the Heart of Preston and what Council is asking the VPA and developer to commit to, please click here.

We'd like to hear your views on whether Council-owned land at 52-60 Townhall Avenue, Preston should be offered on a long term lease for affordable housing.

We are committed to ensuring Darebin is an inclusive and affordable place to live, and are working to increase the supply of affordable housing in the municipality. The proposed use of this site for an affordable housing development presents an exciting opportunity for Council to take leadership and action in response to the housing crisis.

We haven't made a decision on whether the land will be leased and are seeking the community's views to help ensure we make the right decision.

Visit Affordable Housing Preston for more information and to have You Say about this proposal.

For more information ring Strategic Planning on (03) 8470 8768 or email

In the spirit of reconciliation with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, Council has resolved to consult with the community with support from the Traditional Owners of the land now known as Darebin (the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation) on renaming some places in Darebin, commencing with Batman Park in Northcote and the Federal electoral division of Batman.

Renaming Batman Park

Renaming Batman ParkWith support from Wurundjeri Elders from the Wurundjeri Tribal Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council ('Wurundjeri Council') we held four community consultations to illuminate the many connections between the Aboriginal heritage and history of this area, and to hear the community's feedback on the renaming.

Following extensive community consultation, Darebin City Council formally endorsed ‘Gumbri’ as the preferred name for Batman Park.

The name Gumbri has endorsement by The Wurundjeri Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Aboriginal Corporation Wurundjeri Corporation.

Gumbri, also known as Jessie Hunter, was a much loved and respected Wurundjeri Elder. Her name means 'white dove' in Woi wurrung, the traditional language of the Wurundjeri people. She was the last girl born on the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve in Healesville and she had a great passion for Wurundjeri people and Country with a special interest in bush foods and medicines.

Overall, the community expressed:

  • A positive response to the potential renaming of Batman Park to recognise the traditional owners
  • A high level of respect for the experience and wisdom of Wurundjeri Elders
  • A desire for recognition of John Batman to be retained in some way within the park
  • Support for constitutional recognition, recognition of Traditional Owners, reconciliation, and a potential treaty
  • A high level of interest in accessing local places and spaces to learn more about the Aboriginal history, living culture, spirituality and heritage of Darebin
  • A desire to retain the visibility of Batman in some form within the Park, keeping all layers of history visible and ensuring continued and respectful acknowledgement of the past.

Outcome of Statutory Process for renaming Batman Park to Gumbri Park - Update as of 17 July 2018

The final process for name change was submission to the Office of Geographic Names as part of the statutory process set out under the Geographical Place Naming Act 1988.

Council has now received a formal response from the Office of Geographic Names.  While the Office of Geographic Names acknowledged both the Wurundjeri Council and the support of the community to recognise Jessie Hunter (Gumbri), the proposal was not approved under the naming rules for places in Victoria.  The Office have indicated they are supportive of Batman Park being renamed and recommended that Council seek to adopt an alternative name.  Council will now look at renaming options moving forward in consultation with the Wurundjeri Council. 

Does this mean that the name of Batman Park will definitely change?

Despite the recent outcomes of statutary rocess, Council is committed to renaming of the park and will continue to engage with the Traditional Owners and Darebin community in the planning, design and implementation of permanent signage for the main park entry. The process will consider feedback provided during the earlier community conversations.

The renaming is more than just a replacement of one name with another. In the spirit of reconciliation, Darebin City Council, Wurundjeri Council and the Darebin Aboriginal Advisory Committee are committed to ensuring that the life and legacy of John Batman is still visible in the park alongside the multiple stories and histories of the park that enhance our city.

For the time being, Council has removed the Batman Park archway following recent damage to the sign. The sign has been removed to protect it from further damage, ensure the area surrounding the entrance is safe to pedestrians and to ensure its safekeeping for possible future use within the park once the proposed park renaming is approved.  

Renaming the Federal Electorate of Batman

The federal electorate of Batman was created in 1906, replacing the Division of Northern Melbourne. Batman is located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and stretches through three local government areas: Yarra, Darebin and Whittlesea (Yarra and Darebin make up the majority of the division).

It takes in Alphington, Clifton Hill, Fairfield, Kingsbury, Northcote, Preston, Reservoir and Thornbury, and parts of Bundoora, Coburg North, Macleod and Thomastown. It covers an area of approximately 66sq kilometres from Thomastown/Bundoora in the north to Clifton Hill in the south, with Merri Creek providing the vast majority of the western boundary, and the eastern boundary provided by Darebin Creek, parts of Macleod and Plenty Road in Bundoora.

Of the 37 federal electoral divisions in Victoria, nine are named in Aboriginal languages: Ballarat, Corangamite, Corio, Indi, Jaga Jaga, Kooyong, Mallee, Maribyrnong, and Wannon.

In November 2017 Darebin City Council, together with the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council and Yarra City Council, lodged a joint submission calling for the renaming of the Federal Electorate of Batman to the federal electorate of Simon Wonga. 

Update as at 20 June 2018

The augmented Electoral Commission for Victoria has announced the outcome of its deliberations on the names and boundaries of the 38 federal electoral divisions in Victoria, see Redistribution Committee's Recommendations.  Following deliberation, written objections and comments as well as information presented at the inquiries in Winchelsea and Melbourne which Darebin Council attended, the Electoral Commission unanimously agreed to rename the Division of Batman to recognise William Cooper.  The names and boundaries of of the federal electoral divisions for Victoria will apply from Friday 13 July 2018.

We welcome the Electoral Commission’s decision to rename the federal electoral Division of Batman to Cooper.  This is a landmark decision, showing that at a national level, we are recognising our First Nations people.

Read our FAQ, Regarding Federal Electoral Division of Batman Renaming for questions about our position on the renaming.

William Cooper

William Cooper

Mr Cooper was a spokesman for Aboriginal people who, as secretary of the Australian Aborigines League presented a petition and led deputations to authorities, calling for direct representation in parliament, enfranchisement, land rights and federal control of Aboriginal affairs.

In 1938 Mr Cooper lodged a personal protest against the treatment of European Jews in Nazi Germany following Kristallnacht.

See the AEC website for details on the redistribution outcomes and for Electoral Redistribution Timeframes.

Darebin Council does not have the authority to change the name of the Batman electorate; the AEC has sole responsibility for this decision.

 Why did Council want to change the name of the electorate of Batman?

The renaming of the electorate of Batman reflects the spirit and intent of Council’s Aboriginal Action Plan and our commitment to reconciliation, building on work between Council and the Aboriginal communities connected to Darebin.

Our work in this area shows respect for Traditional Owners, acknowledges our shared history and recognises the land as vital to Aboriginal communities’ cultural, spiritual and physical identity.

Council's position on why the name of Batman should not be retained for the federal electorate.

Darebin Council will continue to explore opportunities to recognise Simon Wonga in recognition and out of respect to the Wurundjeri Elders who originally proposed that the electorate be named this respected leader.

Receive Updates

To receive regular updates on both of these projects, please join our mailing list by contacting us via email:

Further Information

If you have any comments, questions about the project or some information to share, please contact us.

Mandy Bathgate
Coordinator Equity & Diversity
Ph: 8470 8365

Council is upgrading Playspaces in Thornbury and Macleod as part of the Darebin Playspace Strategy 2010-2020 and Council's commitment to improving six playgrounds a year.

Thornbury and Macleod residents – share your thoughts on playspaces in your local area. This is part of the City of Darebin’s commitment to improve parks and reserves for the community to enjoy, and as identified in the Playspace Strategy (2010-20).

We are undertaking some concept design to understand how the playspace at The Village Common Springthorpe can be improved in the future.

Some recommendations for the playspace improvements include:

- Minor improvements to the existing playspace area.
- New accessible swings for all ages and all abilities.
- Inclusion of natural play materials.
- An increase in the number of canopy tree plantings.
- Outdoor green gym and exercise equipment

To find out more about the Springthorpe Playspace Design project and give your feedback:

Your Say Darebin

The playspace at Clyde Jones Reserve, located in Thornbury at the corner of Victoria Road and Clarendon Street, has also been earmarked for a design improvement this year.

Some recommendations for the playspace improvements include:

Improvement to or replacement of junior and senior play equipment.
New accessible swings and cubby for all ages and all abilities.
Addition of natural play zone and materials.
Replacement of vines for pergola and replenishing of garden beds.
Improvements to path network. 

To find out more about the Clyde Jones Reserve Playspace Design project and give your feedback:

Your Say Darebin

Central Preston is a vibrant area that is in the midst of change. In response, Council has initiated a community visioning process called Future Preston.


Hundreds of Darebin locals have had their say on the future of Central Preston this year, by taking part in our pop-up stands, survey and the Future Preston Summit.

We’ve collected all of this information and created the ‘Future Preston – Community Directions’ report, which will help guide Council’s development of a precinct plan for Central Preston.

To make sure this report reflects what you’ve told us, we invite you to read the report and share your feedback through our survey.

For more information and to complete the survey, please visit:

Your Say Darebin

We have committed to creating a masterplan for Mayer Park and need the community's help to design it!


Significant community support and advocacy by local residents and users of the park combined with Council’s commitment to the Council Plan Darebin 2021 Goal 1.3 has resulted in Council endorsing an innovative community-led design approach to create a master plan for Mayer Park in Thornbury.

What is Council doing?

We have formed a Project Control Group made up of local community members to help design and develop the Mayer Park Master Plan. The group have named themselves the Mayer Park Community Group (MPCG) and is chaired by a Darebin Rucker Ward Councillor. The MPCG has been tasked with formulating the community engagement process to gather community feedback, as well as develop the master plan.

Draft Master Plan

Over the past 12 months, the MPCG have worked in collaboration with Council to develop the Draft Mayer Park Master Plan.

For more information on this project and regular updates, please visit


All Abilities Play Space Consultation

In parallel with the master plan development, planning and priority improvements are being implemented. This includes detailed design drawings for an all abilities play space.

You can see a concept plan for the all abilities play space and provide your feedback or share your thoughts at Your Say Darebin.

Consultation is open until Wednesday 8 May.

Question and Submission Time is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the Council at our ordinary Council Meetings.

Members of the public can lodge questions for Council to answer or make a Comment or Submission prior to a specific item listed on the Agenda of an Ordinary Council meeting.


Members of the public may ask up to three (3) questions at an Ordinary Council meeting.

Questions submitted online will be responded to first. If you are not present at the meeting, the Chairperson will read the question and provide a response. The Chairperson may then take questions from members in the gallery, if the meeting is open to the public.

Questions from the gallery must be submitted in writing to the Council Officer in attendance in the gallery prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Any question not answered at the meeting will be taken on notice and a written response will be provided to the person asking the question.

In accordance with the Council Meeting Governance Rules (Meeting Procedure and Common Seal Local Law), the Chairperson may disallow a question if it:

  • relates to a matter outside the duties, functions or powers of Council;
  • is defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language or substance;
  • may lead to a breach of Council’s statutory obligations;
  • relates to a Notice of Motion, Petition or item of urgent business;
  • deals with a subject matter already answered;
  • was not received by the deadline (1200 noon on the day of the meeting);
  • is aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or an Officer; or
  • deals with a matter that should be, or has been, considered as a confidential matter or relates to any matter in respect of which Council may close the Meeting to the public under section 66 of the Act. 


Members of the public may make a comment or 2 minute submission on a matter listed on the Agenda prior to the item being debated.

Persons wishing to submit a ‘Submission’ to an item on the agenda may do so online by 12.00 noon on the day of the meeting via the Question and Submissions form.


Members of the public who wish to ask a question or make a comment or submission to an agenda item at an Ordinary Council meeting may register their question or submission before 1200 noon on the day of the meeting in one of the following ways:

  1. Online at; or
  2. By mail to PO Box 91, Preston 3072

The lodgement of a question or registration to make a comment or submission should include the name, address and contact telephone number of the individual. This will allow Council officers to follow up your question or submission if required.

Alternatively, a member of the public may attend on the day of the meeting to ask their question or make submission to Council, if the Meeting is open to the public.

No member of the public can make a submission/comment to Notice of Motion presented at a Council Meeting.

Council meetings can be viewed online at the Watch Council and Planning Committee meetings page.

The Agenda for each meeting is available for viewing on Council's website at the Meeting Agendas and Minutes page, up to 6 days prior to the date of the meeting. Copies are also available at Customer Service centres and libraries.

Do you have a suggestion or comment you want to pass along to us about one of our services? Do you have feedback about your experience using this website?

If you want to have a say about our services or provide feedback on something else that concerns you, please use our Contact Us Form.

Alternatively, if you want to provide feedback on your experience using this website please let us know via the Website Survey.

Join in the conversation about our projects and help us make decisions that reflect your priorities.

Your Say Darebin is our website dedicated to conversations about our projects and initiatives and provides you with an opportunity to have a say and help us make decisions that reflect your priorities and views.

Your Say Darebin also has an archive of past projects so you can see the results of previous conversations we've held with the Darebin community.

Visit and see what's happening.