Northcote By-election

In the lead-up to the Northcote by-election in November 2017, we identified six key priorities that deliver important social, economic and environmental benefits to Darebin.  You can read about each priority below.

The Victorian Government has a wonderful opportunity to address structural gender inequity in Darebin and honour Fiona Richardson’s legacy of promoting gender equality to tackle family violence.

Council is seeking a funding commitment to partner with us to build a premier facility to address the critical shortage of local sports facilities for women and girls.

Funds are also requested to implement much needed improvements to the facilities at Bill Lawry Oval to accommodate local teams with sports facilities where women and girls feel safe and welcome.

Our proposal will address a critical shortage of premier local facilities where 5000 women and girls feel welcome and improve their health and wellbeing.

Our ask:

  • We need a funding contribution of $25M and we'd love to see Fiona Richardson's name on the building.
  • A total of $6.4M in funding is also requested to upgrade ageing facilities at Bill Lawry Oval to make women and girls feel safe and welcome. The project will also create community spaces to address a current shortage in the southern part of Darebin.
Video: 5000 reasons - Sporting infrastructure for women and girls

Council strongly supports increasing and improving the provision of public housing at the Walker Street Estate and throughout the municipality.

While Council strongly supports the Victorian Government's decision to increase the provision of social housing at the Estate, Council also strongly believes that the current approach to the project is misconceived as it fails to optimise this rare opportunity to make a significant contribution to public housing within Darebin.

While we hold deep concerns, this should not be interpreted as Council being opposed to public housing. Such a conclusion could not be further from the truth – Council remains an unequivocal supporter of public housing and believes that even more public housing needs to be provided within the Walker Street Estate and Darebin.

Our ask:

We ask the Victorian Government to immediately stop and make significant changes to the current Walker Street renewal proposal and:

  • Make a significant dint in the waiting list by providing significantly more public housing than is currently proposed.
  • Build the Stokes/Penola Street housing site first and accommodate Walker Street residents there to allow them to stay in Darebin during construction.
  • Lead by example and make renting fairer for public housing tenants by building better quality sustainable accommodation that keeps a lid on energy costs.
  • Preserve this critical state owned asset for future generations without transferring any of the site to developers with no interest or experience in public housing delivery. 
Video: Walker Street Public Housing

The Victorian Government announced it would remove 50 level crossings from Victoria’s metropolitan rail system in January 2016, including three crossings in Darebin at Grange Road, Alphington; High Street, Reservoir; and Bell Street, Preston.

Council recognises these level crossings are problematic for our community. They cause traffic congestion, vehicle accidents, personal injury and limit how frequently rail services can run.

We did our homework and developed a compelling case to maximise the community, environmental and economic by expanding the Bell Street level crossing project to include three additional level crossings using an elevated rail solution.

Our community is clear that they want these extra crossings removed and they support an elevated rail solution.

Our ask:

We ask the Victorian Government to remove three additional level crossings using an elevated rail solution.

This proposal:

  • Is the most cost effective solution for Victorians.
  • Creates two MCG’s worth of new open space.
  • Minimises disruption.
  • Results in two brand new rail stations.

Electronic gaming rips $84 million out of the Darebin community every year. People who gamble experience a lower quality of life and are twice as likely to suffer anxiety and depression. The harms associated with it also include poverty, stress, reduced work performance and family violence.

Police recorded 20% fewer family violence incidents and 30% fewer domestic violence assaults when postcodes with no poker machines were compared with postcodes with at least 75 pokies per 10,000 people.

Our ask:

There is a an opportunity to address these issues through the reforms the Government is currently considering by legislating:

  • one dollar maximum bets
  • mandatory pre-commitment
  • establishing a $200 cash-out limit in gaming facilities
  • a 10-hour minimum closing duration for venues each day. 

Significant tracts of land abutting railway and creek corridors in Darebin are owned by various state government departments and are neglected and underutilised, much to the frustration of local people.

Council wants to work with the local community and develop them into green open spaces for the benefit of all.

Our ask:

Transfer management to Council.

It will:

  • Create new open spaces and enhance health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Reduce maintenance costs to Victorian taxpayers.
  • Reduce complaints about unsightly properties to Victorian Government.

Council has declared a climate emergency and developed a comprehensive plan to tackle this inter-generational issue.

Our ask:

We ask the Victorian Government to do the same. That is, declare a climate emergency and commit to a whole-of-government response to restore a safe climate.