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Climate Change

Climate change is a critical and urgent issue. We need a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid serious damage to the planet.

What Is Climate Change?

Parched earth with a plant sprouting up between the cracks.

Climate change is a result of the build-up of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere.

This is largely due to our heavy reliance on burning fossil fuels (petrol, gas and coal) for energy use – especially electricity generation and transport.

Greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat and contribute to higher temperatures – this is called global warming.

Community Climate Change Action Plan

The Community Climate Change Action Plan (CCCAP) provides the strategic framework for how Darebin Council will work with and support the Darebin community (individuals, households, organisations, business and industry) to make significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Plan has been developed through an extensive community consultation process.

Community Greenhouse Reduction Target

In developing the Community Climate Change Action Plan feedback was sought on the community greenhouse reduction target. The Discussion Paper (below) outlines the issues relating to each of the target options. In the Action Plan (above) Darebin Council has endorsed a Zero Net Emissions target for the Darebin Community.

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