Community awards

Every year we acknowledge the incredible work of local heros. Details on the annual program are here, from nominations to last year's winners.

Do you know a community hero?

Nominations are now open for the Darebin Community Awards which recognise individuals and groups that have made an outstanding contribution to the Darebin community.

In 2021, the Awards acknowledge the amazing community work that has been undertaken in Darebin during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please nominate your ‘local heroes’ and help us celebrate their contribution in 2021.

Nominations are now open and close 11 February 2022.

The Darebin Community Awards will be awarded in the following nine categories:

  1. Citizen of the Year
  2. Young Citizen of the Year
  3. Community Group of the Year
  4. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Leader of the Year
  5. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Emerging Young Community Leader of the Year
  6. Sustainability Award
  7. Lifetime Achievement Award
  8. CALD Emerging Community Leader of the Year
  9. CALD Elder Community Leader of the Year

The Community Awards Presentation Event will be held at the Darebin Arts Centre, on the evening of 24 March 2022.

Please note, if COVID-19 restrictions prevent Darebin from hosting an Awards presentation event, winners will be announced online on Thursday 24 March 2022.

Judging criteria for community awards

Nominations for each award are judged by the Darebin Community Awards Committee.

Overall judging criteria

Judging is based on the following overall criteria:

  1. Desire for prosperity with a share for all
  2. Contribution to the cultural diversity of the community
  3. Community values and support systems
  4. Equality and equity
  5. Practices ethical behaviour
  6. Concern for sustainability and the environment.

Additional category judging criteria

Citizen of the Year, Lifetime Achievement and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Leader of the Year
  • Demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the community
  • Undertakes activities that have short and long term benefits for others
  • Provides a positive role model for others
  • Takes the lead and shows vision
  • Undertakes activities that promote the welfare and wellbeing of the community
  • Contributions made by nominee have either been done on a voluntary basis or exceed the normal requirements of the person’s paid work.
Young Citizen of the Year and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Emerging Young Leader of the Year
  • Participates in the community
  • Active in youth issues
  • Is caring, compassionate and sharing
  • Shows vision
  • Takes the lead
  • Positive role model to peers
  • Accepts responsibility for self and others
  • Shows outstanding achievement in either academic, sporting, cultural, environment or civic life.
Community Group of the Year
  • Role and achievement of the group
  • Service to the community
  • Significant volunteer involvement
  • Target community of the group nominated
  • Benefits to target community and how they are measured and evaluated
  • How does the group’s role and achievements reflect the values of Darebin Community Awards as set out above?
Sustainability Award
  • A sustainability champion awarded to either a group or individual
  • Delivering a project/program/activity which delivers genuine and measurable action
  • Responding to an environmental issue relevant to Darebin
  • Actively engages the local community.
Download the 2021 Darebin Community Awards Nomination Form

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