COVID support for the arts

Support options available to local artists and creatives during COVID-19.

Waived and frozen fees

Arts and culture play an integral role in community wellbeing, and Darebin is proud to be home to many arts venues and community hubs. To support creative and cultural organisations as a result of COVID-19, Council will be waiving license fees for arts venues and community hubs. For more information contact Council on (03) 8470 8888.


Honouring payments and ticket refunds

To ensure the creative community in Darebin continues to feel supported and valued, we have honoured payments to artists and creative practitioners to the total value of more than $200,000.

These honoured payments include:
• 100% of our commitments to artists and contractors engaged for the FUSE festival, to a total value of $42,000.
• All payments to artists for cancelled performances at our arts venues, while also refunding customers 100% of ticket sales for shows that did not proceed as a result of COVID-19 public gathering cancellations. 


Business support grants in response to COVID-19

Stage one of Business support grants was rolled out by the 30 June 2020 with $127,000 worth of grants awarded to the creative and cultural sector in Darebin.

Stage two of the Business Recovery Grants program along with a Cultural Infrastructure Grant Program will be released in the coming months. Arts organisations and creative industries are encouraged to apply for these grants, designed to assist businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Continuing support for arts and culture in Darebin

To keep up to date with information about events, programs and support for artists and the creative sector in Darebin, subscribe to Council’s regular What’s On Arts and Culture newsletter.

Other external sources of support currently available to the creative sector

Creative Victoria
Australia Council for the Arts