Darebin Council to operate Darebin Resource Recovery Centre

As part of our plan to reduce waste and stimulate a circular economy, we will take over running the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre from July 2022.

Council is taking over the operation of Darebin Resource Recovery Centre (DRRC) and Recycled Goods Shop from Friday 1 July, following a 17-year partnership with Outlook Environmental.

DRRC will close at 3pm on Tuesday 28 June and reopen on Monday 4 July as part of the transition. 

Our decision is in line with the State Government’s overhaul of household recycling to reduce waste, increase recycling and make the most of our resources. It also aligns with our Council Plan goal to reduce waste and stimulate a local circular economy, where waste resources are re-used rather than discarded. Taking over the operation of the DRRC will allow us to:

  • Upgrade the site facilities
  • Ensure all EPA requirements are being met 
  • Work across departments, businesses and the community to focus on repurposing and reuse, rather than disposal and recycling.

Recycling and safe disposal are key functions of the DRRC, and this will continue during the transition period and under Council’s management.

Together with Outlook, we aim to make the transition a smooth one for our community and commercial customers.

For more information about DRRC and what we do and don’t accept, visit darebin.vic.gov.au/resourcerecoverycentre