Place Naming

Requests for the naming or renaming of roads, places, features or localities within the City of Darebin must adhere to our Road and Place Naming Policy

The naming or re-naming process provides us with the opportunity to recognise the local history, culture and identity of the area. It also enables us to clearly identify and locate our places, features, localities and roads across Darebin.

Darebin is a Naming Authority under the Naming Rules for places in Victoria and is responsible for geographic names in the City of Darebin, with the exception of geographic places of regional, state or national significance.

Any person, organisation, community group or naming authority, such as Council, government agency or developer, may request to name or rename roads, reserves, open spaces and other Council facilities.

It's quick and easy to apply online:


Request to name or re-name a road or place 

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