COVID-19 financial hardship policy

For property owners facing difficulties, we've created a Financial Hardship Policy to provide relief.

If your income has been impacted by the pandemic and you can’t pay your rates, there are options to assist you.

Rate payments can be deferred until 30 June 2022 with no interest, and you can also arrange a payment plan to help manage the payments.

You can view our COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy here.

Interest on payments

No interest will be charged on the fourth Instalment owing from 2019/2020. You will continue to receive your rate instalment notices during the year, which will show you the balance owing. 

Rate amounts owing earlier than 28 February 2020 will continue to accrue interest.

If any debt is outstanding after 1 July 2021, Council's usual Rates Financial Hardship Policy will apply.

Partial payments

If you can make partial payments at any time, please do so, as this will reduce what you owe in the future. Partial payments can be of any amount.

Payment plans

For information on setting up a payment plan, please contact us on (03) 8470 8888 or email

If you are ready to make an application for financial hardship assistance, download and fill out our Application for Assistance to Rates Debtor Due to Financial Hardship and return it by post or email as shown at the top of the form.