Draft Budget 2022-2023

Find out about the latest Draft Budget consultation, and use the Rates Waste Estimator to calculate an estimate on your next rates notice.

Our Draft Budget 2022/23 is focused on supporting our community and making the lives of those who live, work and play in Darebin better.

We are allocating $198.3M to deliver more than 100 services and building on our significant investment in capital works in the current year, by investing a further $65.7M to build, maintain and enhance our important community infrastructure.

You can now tell us what is important to you, what we should prioritise and how our Draft Budget 2022/23 can meet your needs and expectations. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the following:

  • Draft Budget 2022/23 (incorporating the 4-year Budget)
  • Draft Revenue and Rating Plan
  • Draft Rates Financial Hardship Policy
  • Declaration of the public waste service rate and service charge for kerbside collection
  • Declaration of concessions aligned to equity measures to support ratepayers with the impact of the public waste service rate and service charge for kerbside waste collection (reflected in the Revenue and Rating Plan and Rates Financial Hardship Policy)
  • Declaration of a Pensioner Rebate for general rates
  • Declaration of a special charge for the Reservoir Village Business District
  • Declaration of a concession for affordable housing properties owned and managed by Aboriginal Housing Victoria (reflected in the Revenue and Rating Plan).

Council approved the 2022/23 Budget in June 2022 - read the budget document


Public waste service rate and service charge for kerbside collection

The State Government is overhauling household recycling to reduce waste, increase recycling and make the most of our resources.
A key part of the change means that councils are now required to roll out four bins: a rubbish bin, a recycling bin, a food and green waste bin and a glass bin.

Implementing these changes, along with the State Government’s decision to increase the landfill levy, will leave Council with an estimated shortfall of $26 million over 10 years and increase costs above what Council can recover through rates.

This means we need to change the way we charge for waste.

If you pay rates in Darebin, from 1 July 2022 the following charges will appear as separate items on your rates notice:

  • A kerbside waste fee for your bin collection and waste processing.
  • A public waste rate to pay for street cleaning, dumped rubbish collection and public litter bins.

The kerbside waste fee will only apply to households receiving waste collection services. All ratepayers will pay the public waste charge.

Rates waste estimator

Council developed a rates waste estimator to help residential, business and multiuse ratepayers in estimating the fees applicable. As the certified valuations from the Valuer General have now been confirmed the rate estimator has been removed to ensure accurate data is referred to and not estimates. 

The rates waste estimator was removed on 2 August 2022.  

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