Reducing waste and circular economy

We can link you up with programs and resources to help you reduce waste, save money and join the circular economy.

Single use plastics

In February 2023, single-use straws, cutlery, plates, drink-stirrers, expanded polystyrene food and drink containers, and cotton bud sticks were banned from sale or supply in Victoria.

See the Victorian Government's single use plastics ban website for more information.

Check out our plastic free Darebin business guide to find reusable alternatives. Our sustainable cafes video also highlights some of the reuse alternatives you could adopt.

Other programs to support you reduce your use of single-use plastics include:

If you are running an event and looking for reusable options, these organisations may be able to help:

If you have a food business watch our video about cleanliness to ensure all food is safe to consume, in containers fit for purpose and you meet all your legal responsibilities.

WANGIM Cup - reducing single-use coffee cups

We are working in partnership with Northcote Bakeshop and local cafes to reduce single use coffee cups through WANGIM Cup. As part of this program we provide WANGIM cafes with reusable cups that they lend to customers through a "Borrow → Use → Return" model. We currently have 25 local WANGIM Cup cafes and have diverted almost 70,000 cups from landfill, saving over 220 kilos of plastic, 1,500 kgs of timber and 2,500 kgs of CO2 emissions.

We have recently launched a WANGIM event kit, which can be borrowed for events. To find out more or join the program go to

Watch these two short videos on Rhubarb Rhubarb Organics and Outer Circle Social Club to see how WANGIM Cup works.

Business organic waste recycling

Our organic waste recycling services guide provides a number of free and paid organic recycling options available to Darebin businesses.

Cafe to Garden

Our Cafe to Garden program helps local cafes recycle their coffee grounds. You can discover what cafes are currently participating in the Darebin food harvest network.

Email: to join up.

Circular economy and sustainable purchasing

Is your business ready to join the circular economy and move from a "Take → Make → Waste" model to the "Borrow → Use → Return" model?

Watch our Circular Economy videos Leading circular economy businesses in Darebin and How businesses in Darebin are working in the circular economy videos to get inspired. You can also watch and be inspired by other local circular economy businesses on our Circular economy and business innovation playlist and Sustainability Matters Playlist.

Use the Buy Recycled Directory produced by Sustainability Victoria to help you purchase products that support the circular economy.

Visit the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC) to access resources and information about funding to help you become more circular.

Check out the 25 great local circular economy business case studies that Monash University has published.