Solar and renewable energy

Our Darebin Solar Saver Program can help you install solar on your rooftop to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.

We also have resources to help you reduce your carbon emissions by buying GreenPower or renewable energy through your electricity retailer, or through a Power Purchase Agreement.

Solar for business

Darebin's Business Solar Bulk Buy program is here to help you install solar on your business. We will provide you with a quote from a reliable installer that offers value for money and has been selected through a competitive tender process. Go to Darebin's Solar Bulk Buy page to find out more and register your interest.

Head to our Sustainable Business Playlist to hear from 12 local businesses who have installed solar.

Buying GreenPower and renewable energy

Buying GreenPower and renewable energy is one of the best things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Use the Green Electricity Guide to help you find the greenest energy providers.

You can also use the 'Go Green' filter on the Victorian Government's Energy Compare (a free independent energy price comparison tool) to help you identify competitive GreenPower options.

Local circular economy business Use-ta shares their experience of purchasing 100% renewable energy and using these tools in this short Use-ta video.

Energy Compare

The Victorian Government's Energy Compare tool is a free independent energy price comparison tool that will help your business get the best electricity and gas offer.

Use the 'Go Green' filter to help you identify competitive GreenPower options that can slash your carbon footprint. Be sure to hover over the green flower icon to determine what % of GreenPower is included in the offers presented. The % can range from 10% to 100%, with 100% GreenPower being the best!

You can use the Energy Compare tool to help you work out your best energy rates on offer for your small business and home. When using it for home you may be eligible for a $250 bonus saving bonus payment, just for using the tool, i.e. you don't even need to switch providers.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

If you are a larger energy user, entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a retailer or wholesaler may be a great option for you. Such an agreement can deliver great prices, reduce risk to price fluctuations and slash your carbon footprint.

The Business Renewables Buying Group can help your business access 100% renewable electricity using group buying power. This buying group is run by Councils across Victoria and offers a competitive choice of renewable electricity with lower risk. Register your interest and find out more about the Business Renewables Buying Group.

See how Darebin Council along with 50 other local Victorian local governments, through the VECO (Victorian Energy Collaboration) Project used a PPA to purchase 100% renewable energy for all its electricity in this short VECO video.

Retiring Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Solar, GreenPower and PPA's aren't for you? Another way to reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint of the electricity you use is by purchasing and retiring Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) from a retailer, or directly from a wind or solar farm.

The Business Renewables Centre Australia has some great tools and resources to help you explore purchasing GreenPower, LGCs and setting up PPAs.