Tips for a respectful day

Find different options and ideas on how to celebrate the day.

There are lots of different organisations out there promoting conversation about what 26 January means, and offering ideas about activities for the day.

Here’s a sample of ideas and links:

  • Write something on social media about what 26 January means to you. Why are you marking it the way you are? What are your hopes for the future? Search these hashtags on social media for ideas and inspiration #ADateForAll #ChangeTheDate #SharedDreaming #OneMob #BigCountryBigHistory #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe
  • Have a conversation with friends, family members about what 26 January means to you – what does it actually celebrate and does it reflect who we are as a nation? Australians Together offers some interesting thought starters.
  • Change it Ourselves offers suggestions for people wanting to talk to their employer about working on Australia Day instead of taking the day as a holiday.