FAQs Darebin Child Care Registration List

Do you have a question about the Darebin Child Care Registration List? We can help.

How does Darebin’s child care registration system work?

Some families are given priority access to childcare in accordance with the Australian Government’s Priority of Access Guidelines (POA). Priority is also given to Darebin residents and also families with a child or sibling currently accessing the same service.

Council’s Registration Team works closely with the services and, when notified of a vacancy, makes an offer to the next family on the waitlist. 

Am I allowed to place my child on a wait list for other services that are not on the Darebin Registration List?

Yes. Families are encouraged to broaden their options for childcare and consider commercially/privately run services.

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When will my child be offered a place?

It is not possible to tell families where they are on the waiting list as the list is dynamically changing due to:

  • Priority of access (as stated above)
  • Child care services operate their rooms with different age ranges and where a child sits on the waiting list for one service will be different to another, especially if registration numbers at some services are higher than others.

A list of child care services using the registration system, which includes the room capacity and age range for each service, is at the end of this document.

Darebin’s registration team can let you know the current waiting list size, but unfortunately we can’t tell you your child’s exact place on the waiting list.

When are offers of child care made to families?

The majority of offers to families for child care are made in early October through to December, for the following January start. The number of vacant places child care services give the Registration team will determine the number of offers that can be made to families.

Occasionally offers can be made outside this time when a vacant place becomes available.


If I decline an offer for childcare, will I lose my place on the list?

No. Families are entitled to two declines before they must decide to be removed from the registration list or your registration date changed to the last decline date. This allows the registration list to be equitable to all families who have lodged registrations and are actively looking for care.

Annual Update:

Annual updates are emailed to families from February through to March. If there is no response to the first email, a second email is sent. If there is still no response, we will send a final SMS or email to let you know your registration has been removed from the list.

Is there one great big long list?

No.  There is a list for each room (age group) of each service. Children may be included on multiple lists if families list more than one service as their preferences. As children get older, they are automatically moved to the list for the next room, and the number of spaces in this room will determine how many families are waiting, and this will alter your place on the waiting list.

For Example: Joe Smith is 18ths old and his name is down at Service A and Service B:

  • Service A room caters for 11 places per day in the 15mths to 2 yrs age range.

    In this room Joe is 43 on the list.

  • Service B room caters for 10 places per day in the 6mths to 2yrs age range.

    In this room Joe is 65 on the list.

Therefore, if a child is offered a place at one service and declines the offer, the child is not necessarily next in line for an offer at another service.

What else is important to do?

  • List flexible days for required care.
  • Visit and get to know the services you have chosen, as you may be called and made an offer with 24 hours to make a decision. (Visits to services may not be able to be arranged with the service at short notice)
  • Using a child care service outside of your neighbourhood/suburb will broaden your opportunities.
  • Make sure your registration details are up to date. If we can’t get in touch within 24 hours to offer you a place, the next family on the list will be contacted and your registration will be returned to the waiting list.
  • Consider registering with commercial/private services as well.


Where can I find more information?

  • For services available to help children and their families, parents, grandparents and carers in Darebin visit Darebin Living
  • For practical Information for Victorian parents and carers visit Education Victoria
  • To search for child care services visit Child care finder