Community support

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Darebin

Darebin has a long standing relationship with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We are committed to building strong partnerships with Traditional Owners and the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to continue the journey towards reconciliation


Darebin is home to people of diverse races, ethnicities, faiths and beliefs, abilities, gender, talents and aspirations, sexualities and sex and gender identities, age and occupations, income and lifestyles.

Families and Children

We offer individual and family counselling, parent education groups and playgroups to support families in our community. We are strongly committed to preventing family violence.


We provide an intepreting service for non-English speaking customers, we host a range of events from the Darebin Intercultural Centre every month, and provide a list of local organisations and businesses in the Multicultural Directory.

Older Adults

We offer a range of services and support to help our older residents remain independent, be active and connected with the community in Darebin.

People with Disability

We aim to ensure Darebin is an accessible place to live for people with a disability. This means helping you find suitable leisure and recreational activities; ensuring you can easily communicate with us and participate in community programs.

Public Health and Safety

We consider safety a priority and provide advice on a range of public health issues to achieve and maintain acceptable health standards for all Darebin residents.

Youth Services

Darebin Youth Services provides programs and services for people aged 12 - 25 years who live, work, study or spend time in the City of Darebin. We empower young people to contribute to, and thrive in, an ever-changing world.