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Litter and Dumped Rubbish

dumped rubbish

Rubbish that has been dumped on the roadside or in parks or reserves can be collected by Council by calling 8470 8888.

Rubbish dumped illegally on Council land in bags or piles will be investigated by Council.

Litter along railway lines can be reported to Connex or Vic Track - 1800 800 120.


  • Litter and Burning Litter: $244 (e.g. cigarette butts)
  • Leaflets on Vehicles: $244
  • Bill Posting: $244
  • Require Person to Deposit Advertising Material: $1,221
  • Unsecured Load: $244
  • Failure to Remove Disorderly Object/Thing: $1,466
  • Failure to Comply with Direction: $1,466
  • Aggravated littering: $8,000 in court

    To report dumped rubbish, contact Darebin's Customer Service Centre 8470 8888. Confidential dumped litter forms are also available below:

  • Darebin City Council Litter Plan 2011-2014

    We have also produced a comprehensive Darebin City Council Litter Plan 2011-2014.

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