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Complaints and Requests

building materials

If you have a complaint or request that you would like to report to Council, you will need to provide your name, address and phone number so that a Council officer can respond back to your complaint/request, or contact you for more information if required.

Local Law officers will respond to every complaint or request for service as quickly as possible.

Your personal details will be kept strictly confidential, as the only time a complainants name is released is if the matter is to appear before the court.

Building Materials

Roads and footpaths should be kept free of mud, dirt, sand and other materials at all times. Where possible, all building materials should be kept on private property.

Unsightly Premisis

Property owners are required to keep their land free of any items that may be deemed unsightly or detrimental to the amenity of the neighbourhood.

Trail Bike Complaints

Residents who wish to make a complaint about trail bike riders should contact their local Police.

Bill Posters

Placing advertisng material on poles costs Council thousands of dollars to clean up. Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, it is illegal to place posters or advertising material on poles. Offenders, including those who instruct others to put up posters and advertising material illegally may incur an infrngement notice.

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