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Road Permits

In accordance with the Road Management Act 2004, any works undertaken within a public road reserve (either roadway or roadside) requires consent from the Coordinating Road Authority (Darebin Council for all municipal roads within Darebin), unless an exemption applies as defined under any Road Management Regulations.

Various forms of consent exist, depending on the type of works to be undertaken:

Works within Road Reserves

To be used by Utility companies and their agents, in all cases where the works that are proposed to be undertaken require consent. It should also be used by contractors and private individuals who are proposing to undertake any work other than “minor works” (but including “traffic impact works”) as defined in the Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2005. Download the Works within Road Reserves Application Form at the link below.

Road Opening

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Road Opening permits are to be used by contractors and private individuals who wish to undertake “minor works” as defined in the Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2005, such as service connections and minor stormwater connections. This form is also used for any works on Council assets not within a road reserve.

All works on Council assets require a permit. Download the Road Opening Application Form below to obtain a permit.

Work conducted on Council assets must also comply with the specifications in the Road Opening Conditions to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Damage or failure to return the Council assets to an acceptable standard may result in Council conducting repairs/maintenace work at the expense of the person responsible.

Vehicle Crossing Permit

Vehicle crossings are the responsibility of the owner, however permits are required to aquire, move, change or add a vehicle crossing to their property.

Download the Vehicle Crossing Application Form below.

  • Please Note: To apply for a crossover permit online you are required to have an approved crossover application first.
  • Lodge Crossover Permit Online

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