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Rubbish & Recycling

A rubbish truck collecting a rubbish bin Rubbish
New & Stolen Bins, Collection Days
Recycling truck emptying its loat at the depo. Recycling
Collection Days, Recyclable Items, Business Recycling
Man empties garden waste into green bin Green Waste & Composting
Compost, Mulch, Worm Farms, Sustainable Gardening
Used car batteries. Chemical and Medical
Detox Your Home, Batteries, Syringes
Hard waste on naturestrip waiting collection. Hard Waste
Furniture, Tools, Appliances
Mother and daughter install energy efficient globe in lamp. Buying Green
Energy & Water Efficient Products
Old computers and monitors Electronics
Batteries, Computers, Printer Cartridges, Leads, Mobiles
A woman placing waste in a bin Resource Recovery Centre
Rubbish Tip, Recycled Goods
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Bin Collection, Compost, Street Sweeping

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Rubbish Resources 
Factsheets, Policies, Strategies, Reports

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