You apply for an internal review of your fine before the due date on your infringement notice. Learn more.

How to object to a fine

If you believe you have grounds for special consideration you may apply for an internal review of your infringement prior to the due date of the notice.

If you weren't the driver, please visit nominating another driver before submitting any applications.

By law, you are entitled to request one review of your fine, which means you need to give us all of the relevant details when applying to help us to make a decision.

You may lodge an objection to your infringement online below. If you have already submitted a request for review of your infringement please call 8470 8888 for an update. Do not submit another review application.

Or download and complete the Application for Internal Review Form

All requests for internal review must be made in writing and will be considered by the Darebin Appeals Committee. It is our standard practice to investigate all appeals, including verification of evidence and witness statements. All decisions will be notified in writing.

Please note: Under legislation the Mayor and Councillors are unable to have any involvement in City of Darebin's administrative functions, and are therefore unable to respond to letters about any fines.

The Road Rules allow for the following defences for parking fines only:

  • when a driver stops to avoid a collision;
  • when a driver’s vehicle is broken down;
  • where there is a medical or other type of emergency;
  • when a driver stops in the interests of safety; or
  • when a driver stops to comply with another law