Require a parking change?

You can request changes to parking on your street, including adding, removing or changing restrictions.

You can request changes to parking on your street, including adding, removing or changing restrictions.

Requesting parking changes in your street

We strongly believe that community input is critical to good decision making. In 2019 we heard from many people that they want a localised approach address parking challenges as our Darebin grows. Thank you to those that prepared a submission and shared your views.

If you are seeking changes to local parking arrangements in your street, you can make a request to us.

Complete our request for altering parking / residential parking permit scheme form, with support from at least one other property or local business.

Forms can be forwarded to our Sustainable Transport department by emailing or by mailing the form to 274 Gower Street, Preston, 3072.

When a request is received by us, we will:

  • Step 1: Engage local residents and businesses - we will send you a request to fill in a survey. You can use the survey to tell us your challenges or ideas about parking in your area.
  • Step 2: We will review all survey feedback. We will look at how often on-street parking in your area is being used. If there is a need for change, a parking plan will be prepared.
  • Step 3: If a change is needed, we will send you a letter with a parking plan that explains what changes are proposed. You can give feedback on the parking plan.
  • Step 4: We will review all feedback on the parking plan. We will modify the plan as required.
  • Step 5: We will send you a copy of the final parking plan and let you know when the changes will be made.
  • Step 6: The changes will be made in your street

Reviewing a change request and consulting on changes in a street typically takes 3 to 5 months depending on the number of enquiries received and the complexity of the issues in the area.

Processing delays 

Council is now progressing with investigating parking change requests, but there may be a delay as we work through the backlog of requests that built up during 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will update this page and get in contact with concerned residents when we begin investigating requests for your street.

Current parking request reviews

Parking requests will be prioritised for review based on whether there are safety issues that need attention and the order the requests were received. This means that sometimes requests can be on a waiting list for 6 months. Council staff can let you know approximately when to expect your request to be reviewed. In considering parking change requests and how to best manage them, we will prioritise safety and needs of disabled or the very old and very young.

Parking Requests that council has already received and which will be reviewed:

(This is an alphabetical list of streets with current petitions for parking restrictions that are currently in progress)

  • Clive St, Alphington
  • Rowe St, Alphington
  • Lowther St, Alphington
  • Yarana Rd, Alphington
  • Gillies St, Fairfield (between Railway Pl and Heidelberg Rd)
  • Mitchell St, Fairfield
  • Springthorpe Estate, Macleod - request completed
  • Ballantyne St, Northcote (between High St and Stott St)
  • Bridge St, Northcote (between Timmins St and George St)
  • Cain Ave, Northcote
  • Cornwall St, Northcote
  • Eunson Ave, Northcote
  • Harper St, Northcote
  • Herbert St, Northcote (between Arthurton Rd and Turnbull Grove)
  • Mitchell St, Northcote (between Derby Street and Andrew Street)
  • Pearl St, Northcote
  • South Cr, Northcote
  • St Neots Ave, Northcote
  • Timmins St, Northcote (between Union St and Bridge St)
  • Vauxhall Rd, Northcote
  • Wimble St, Northcote
  • Adeline St, Preston
  • Beauchamp St, Preston
  • Flett St, Preston
  • Foley Ave, Preston
  • Furzer St, Preston
  • Garnet St, Preston
  • Milton Cr, Preston
  • Mitchell St, Preston
  • Morgan St, Preston
  • Murray Road, Preston (between High Street & Central Avenue)
  • Ovando St, Preston
  • Pender St, Preston
  • Quinn St, Preston
  • Regent St, Preston
  • Robeson St, Preston
  • Seymour St, Preston
  • Showers St, Preston
  • Stanworth Crt, Preston
  • Stone St, Preston
  • Union St, Preston
  • Wilcox St, Preston
  • Normanby Ave, Thornbury (Approx.350 metres of length West of St Georges Rd)
  • Delaware St, Reservoir
  • Fyfe St, Reservoir
  • Kelverne St, Reservoir
  • Lakeside Ave, Reservoir
  • Maclagan Cr, Reservoir
  • Malua St, Reservoir
  • Plateau Rd, Reservoir
  • Queen St, Reservoir
  • Radford Rd, Reservoir
  • Raleigh St, Thornbury (east of Station Street)
  • Storey Rd, Reservoir
  • Suffolk St, Reservoir
  • Vale St, Reservoir
  • Clapham St, Thornbury
  • Collins St, Thornbury
  • Darebin St, Thornbury
  • Raleigh St, Thornbury (between High St and St David St)
  • Tharratt St, Thornbury

Parking management in commercial areas

By restricting parking times to, in most cases, one hour parking (1P), we can provide high parking turnover and maximise the accessibility of visitors to Darebin businesses.