Residential parking permits

Get information about residential parking permits, from applying for new or replacement permits, to paying your renewal.

You require a permit to park in specifically marked permit areas.

People who have parking restrictions outside or within 100 metres of their home can apply for a permit to park in the area to stay over the time limit. See the Conditions of issue Parking Permit Information Brochure for details.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the Residential Parking Permit Application Form.
  2. Read the Conditions of issue and Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Return the form to any Customer Service Centre along with your payment.

Replacement permits

If you require a replacement permit, you need to print, complete and submit the Replacement Residential Parking Permit Application Form. Please do not send cash in the mail. If sending an application in the mail with a money order/cheque or alternatively attend a customer service branch for other payment options.

For all other questions, please read the Residential Parking Permit Frequently Asked Questions.

Temporary parking permits

Temporary parking permits are available for all properties for a 4-week period.

Type One temporary permits are available to residents of properties that were constructed prior to December 2004

Type Two temporary permits are available to residents of properties that were constructed after December 2004

Paying your parking permit renewal

You can make payments to us via the following methods:

  1. Online with Darebin Council at PAYMENTS ONLINE
  2. Online with BPAY at your bank
  3. Telephone payment by calling 1300 954 297

Number of permits

Each household can have a maximum of two permits.

Households with off-street parking (eg driveway), right of way (laneway between house blocks) or with a garage are entitled to one permit only.

Permits expire 28 February 2022

Cost of permits

Please note that as at 1 September application fees for Residential Parking Permits will be 1/2 price

Permit One: $22.00

Permit Two: $33.50

Pension Permit One: $11.00

Pension Permit Two: $16.75

Type One Temporary Permit $44.00 per month

Type Two Temporary Permit $100.00 for the first month

Type Two Temporary Permit $300.00 for subsequent months within a 12-month period.

Parking using a Permit

The residential parking permit will allow you to park outside residential properties only in the area that it was issued. To find the parking area applicable to your property, view our Local parking area map.

These permits are not valid on a main road and do not exempt the holder from receiving penalties for Clearways, No Stopping, Loading Zones or other statutory offences.


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