Road permits

Permits for how we use our roads are a part of life, from residential, work, shipping containers, disability and more, get started with road permits.


large campervan
Whether you need an over dimensional light vehicle permit will depend on the size of your vehicle. Find out if you need this permit.
new house driveway
A vehicle crossing runs from the road to your property boundary. You need a permit to remove, modify, relocate or build a new vehicle crossing.
man drilling in street
You need a road opening permit when making any opening in Council land. Learn more.
road closed construction sign
Work zones parking bays are allocated for construction work vehicles, or for parking by construction site workers. Find out about permits and fees.
traffic management signs in truck
If you are planning any works on a road, street, lane or footpath, you must apply for a permit. Find out more.
large green shipping container on truck
Before placing a shipping container on Council land, you must apply for a permit. Learn more.
Darebin information sign in road reserve
If you run a community facilities or organisation, you can apply for directional signs to help visitors find you.