Vehicle crossing permit

A vehicle crossing runs from the road to your property boundary. You need a permit to remove, modify, relocate or build a new vehicle crossing.

Vehicle crossings are the responsibility of the owner who accesses their property via the crossing. However, a permit application must be made to acquire, move or change a vehicle crossing. If an application to have a vehicle crossing is approved, a second permit is then required to construct the vehicle crossing.

You will need to print, complete and submit the Vehicle Crossing Permit Application to apply for a permit to have a vehicle crossing. Note: Please read the Vehicle Crossing Policy before applying to see whether your property could have a vehicle crossing.

If your vehicle crossing application form is approved, you can then proceed to apply for a vehicle crossing construction permit online. Note: you will need to read the Crossover Specifications. To submit an application on paper for the construction of a vehicle crossing, you will need to print, complete and submit a Vehicle Crossing Construction Permit Application.


Application/Permit type

Fee for 2021/2022

Vehicle Crossing Permit Application


Vehicle Crossing Construction Permit Application


Road Opening Application Inspection