Work zone permit

Work zones parking bays are allocated for construction work vehicles, or for parking by construction site workers. Find out about permits and fees.

Work Zones Parking Bays are allocated parking bays on the roadway that can be used if you are driving a vehicle used in construction work or can be used as parking by workers of the construction site.

The fees for Work Zone Parking Bays are:

First stage
* Assessment fee - $230.00

Note: we do not provide refunds for unsuccessful assessments.

Second stage
* Installation and removal of signs - $705.00
* Road occupation fee - $200.00 per bay/per month

(All fees include GST)

Note: Installation of signs can take up to 10 business days after installation fees have been received.

You need to provide information for your application such as the day, time, duration, purpose and number of bays.

To apply for a work zone parking assessment visit the Application Lodgement page.