Road Safety

Local Area Place Making (LAPMs)

Our Local Area Place Making projects are where we to listen to your feedback and work to improve Darebin. Find out what we're doing.

Your Street, Your Say

The Your Street, Your Say project is your opportunity to tell us how we can improve local streets for people who live, work, study or travel through Darebin.

We will use your feedback to prepare a comprehensive plan to improve streets with things like pedestrian crossings, street closures, bike lanes, planting and changes to street layouts. This way we can make changes in a holistic way and avoid unintended flow-on effects.

We’re starting in Group A which includes Reservoir West, Preston West and Thornbury West. From 12 October 2021 until 6 December 2021 we’d love your feedback on your experience of walking, cycling, scooting, driving or playing in local streets in Group A.

Find out more and have your say by 6 December 2021.

Future Your Street, Your Say areas

We will also be asking for your feedback on streets in other parts of Darebin over the next few years:

  • Group B – 2022/2023: Thornbury East, Northcote East, Fairfield, Bundoora, and Macleod
  • Group C – 2023/2024: Reservoir East, Preston East, and Northcote West

Register your interest and we will let you know when we start collecting feedback on issues you are experiencing in streets in Groups B or C.


Cheddar Road Local Area Place Making Project

The Cheddar LAPM project commenced in 2018, following a number of road safety concerns raised by the community which were backed up through traffic and collision data. As part of Council's commitment to road safety and improving the road environment for local residents, pedestrians and cyclists, we’re now asking for the community’s input on the draft concept plans for the project area.

For more information on this project please visit the Your Say Darebin page.

The Cheddar LAPM project aims to achieve:

  • Streets that are designed to encourage slower vehicle speeds
  • A local streets network that discourages unnecessary through traffic movement (like 'rat-running')
  • Safer opportunities to cross streets
  • Streets that are safe and encourage bike riding