Road Safety

Traffic sign maintenance

We can assist with the upgrade and installation of various types of road signage, including tourism, street identification and on road business signage.

Street Identification Signage

If your street blade identification sign is lost, damaged or broken, please contact our Customer Service team on 8470 8888 for a replacement.

Directional Signs

If you run a community facilities or organisation, you can apply for blade type directional signs to assist visitors to locate you. 

On-Road Business Signage

Businesses you can apply for a sign to have your business name displayed on the side of the road. To apply you will need to complete and submit a Goods on Footpath Application form and pay a fee.

On Road Tourism Signage

If you require Tourism Signage you need to contact VicRoads.

Updates from the Darebin Sustainable Transport Team

You can sign up for updates on transport projects and programs being managed by Darebin City Council by using our form.