Road Safety

Trucks, heavy vehicles and freight

Some residents of Darebin may experience high volumes of trucks and heavy vehicles as these operators seek a route to our employment areas.

Trucks and Heavy Vehicles on local roads

Council has approved some roads as freight corridors, but these are few in number and are chosen to minimise the impact on our residents. Normally, designated truck routes have pavements constructed to withstand the extra loading that a large sized truck presents.

If you feel that trucks are damaging a particular section of road surface, please call Customer Service on 8470 8888 or email


We understand that Freight Management is important for businesses in Darebin and that there can be negative impacts to our residents. In order to provide access to businesses without reducing resident amenity, freight is encouraged onto strategic routes designed to carry such vehicles.

If you have a concern with truck parking, loading zones, or trucks in a residential street, please call Customer Service on 8470 8888 or email

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Scheme

The heavy vehicle industry recently went through a period of change with the introduction of national regulation.

During this transition period please forward truck permits and/or inquiries regarding the NHVR to email