Sustainable transport

If you're on bike, on foot, on PT, or sharing paths on the way to school, find out how we plan towards making sustainable transport more available.


Several bike riders on a bike path
Bike riding is a great way to get around Darebin. Learn how to look after your bike and where to ride. Find local bike community groups and resources.
Two people walking on path leading toward a road overpass
We are working towards creating a walkable community. Learn how we are improving walking paths and find great walking routes in Darebin.
A cyclist riding on a shared path
A shared path is designed to be used by everyone. Get tips and guidelines on how to use a shared path. Find our shared path locations.
An electric bus
Find out about public transport options and level crossing removal in Darebin
electric car at charging station
Drive sustainably in Darebin. Find out about car sharing and electric car re-charging stations.
A keep-left sign on a street
We are developing transport plans that keep our community moving.