Bike parking

Learn about our bike parking hoops and free portable bike parking hire programs for local businesses, schools and organisations.

Bike Parking Hoops

Do your ride to your favourite shop or cafe and find it hard to park your bike? Do you wish there was more bike parking near your local school or community centre? If so, please email If you own or manage a local business or organisation and would like more bike parking for your customers and clients, please complete our Bicycle Hoops Request online form.

Bike Parking at Train Stations

There are Parkiteer bike cages at Preston and Reservoir train stations. Parkiteers offer free, secure, undercover bike parking right near the station entrance. Access is available 24 hours by security pass which requires a $50 refundable deposit. Sign up at Parkiteer or call 1300 546 526.

Free Portable Bike Parking Hire

Local schools and community organisations can hire our portable bike rack (called a flat raq) at no cost. It can accommodate up to 10 bikes, fits in the back of a car and is easy to set up. It's a great way to encourage visitors to ride to your event. Complete our hire form to book the flat raq and read the User Guide for further information.