Bike education in schools

Bike Ed helps children to ride safely and independently on roads and paths. Find out about accredited instructor training and volunteer delivery.

Delivering Bike Ed in your school

Bike Ed is designed to help children in grades 3-6 develop skills to ride safely and independently on roads and paths. It involves a mix of practical and classroom activities. We can help fund teachers to undertake accredited Bike Ed instructor training. We can also source volunteers to assist teachers with Bike Ed delivery.

Take a look at the reading below, and find out all the ways Bike Ed can benefit your students:

We can also provide small amounts of cycle parking, advice and grant possibilities for larger bike parking requirements in and around the school, as well as prizes if you are running active travel promotions and events.

Bike Ed evaluation

As Council supports local schools to run Bike Ed, we wanted to assess the outcomes for students that participate in this program. We asked students, parents and teachers to complete surveys before, immediately after, and three months after students completed Bike Ed. We found the following:

  • The majority of students greatly increased their confidence levels. This was also observed by their parents
  • The abilities needed to ride a bike were all found to improve, including riding in a straight line and using brakes
  • The number of parents confident in their children’s road rules knowledge increased by 150%
  • More than two thirds of students said they were riding more and 43% of parents observed their child riding more
  • 71% of parents are confident that their child can ride a bike safely - an increase from 63% in the before survey
  • 93% of parents felt the course had met their expectations

See the full evaluation report

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