Room to Move (COVID-19 transport response)

We’re responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by making it easier to cycle and walk in your neighbourhood.

A safer Darebin community

Room to Move is our response to requests from our local schools, businesses and residents for support with social distancing. This package of initiatives is designed to make it easier to safely move around our public spaces on foot and by bike as we navigate changes to our daily lives.

In Darebin we’ve seen a surge in bike riding and walking leading to increased demand for safe places to ride and walk. When restrictions were previously rolled back, we also heard new needs for additional outdoor trading space for cafes and other businesses. Similarly, when schools returned to face-to-face learning we heard about new challenges with social distancing at pick-up and drop-off times, something we are keen to assist with in future.

Temporary measures to meet changing needs

We are operating under unprecedented circumstances in Victoria and it’s important that City of Darebin responds urgently to community needs. There are changes that we will trial in some of Darebin’s streets that will ensure greater safety along footpaths, streets and roads.

  • Schools – In response to requests from school and parents, these are temporary changes to streets and paths near schools to create space that will assist safe social distancing at pick-up and drop-off times for carers, staff and children
  • Businesses – In response to requests to help local businesses to safely manage queues and trading space to allow capacity for more customers and goods. See our extended outdoor dining page for details.
  • Bike infrastructure – Trial protected pop-up bike lanes along selected key cycling corridors to provide safe alternatives to public transport for local and essential travel.
  • Advocacy – advocate to the Minister for Roads and Minister for Transport Infrastructure and the Minister for Public Transport for the implementation of pandemic response items.

More information

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Updates from the Darebin Sustainable Transport Team

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