Transport Strategy 2007—2027

The Darebin Transport Strategy 2007—2027 is our 20-year plan for managing transport and traffic in Darebin. Find out what we're doing.

Going Places: Darebin Transport Strategy 2007-2027 (Darebin Transport Strategy) is our 20-year plan for improving transport in Darebin. Our strategy aims to help you travel safely and sustainably to where you need to go.

The strategy has 8 objectives:

  1. To improve local and metropolitan accessibility
  2. To increase the role of sustainable transport modes
  3. To build new developments that reduce transport demands
  4. To increase social inclusion for residents
  5. To improve health and environmental outcomes
  6. To improve community safety
  7. To integrate quality urban design, economic development and access
  8. To engage stakeholders through effective communication

We assess the effectiveness of the Strategy against 3 main targets:

  1. Double the share of walking, cycling and public transport for all trips by 2027
  2. Double the share of walking, cycling and public transport for journey to work trips by 2027
  3. Reduce accident rates on local roads equal to or greater than VicRoads’ targets.

For more information, read our Darebin Transport Strategy 2007-2027 (updated 2022).

Transport Strategy Updates

Since we created the Darebin Transport Strategy in 2007, there have been many changes to the transport environment in Darebin. This includes changes to State and Federal Government policies, Darebin’s declaration of a Climate Emergency, as well as societal changes – such as the rapidly growing popularity of electric vehicles, the COVID-19 pandemic, technological improvements and changes in travel behaviour. The Transport Strategy is periodically refreshed to reflect these changes and to ensure that it remains relevant, accurate and useful.

The most recent update was undertaken in 2022, which included speaking with the community, key local groups and transport experts to get their feedback on our Darebin Transport Strategy. The 2022 Darebin Transport Strategy Refresh was endorsed by Council in June 2022.

Read more about the changes we made to the Strategy in 2022 and our progress against our original targets in the Darebin Transport Strategy Refresh Report.

Strategic Transport Framework Plan

As part of the 2022 update of the Darebin Transport Strategy we also updated our Strategic Transport Framework Plan. This is a map outlining the different strategic roles that each of our main roads and paths have in Darebin. The Strategic Transport Framework Plan guides Council so that we can strategically manage the competing priorities of different people using our transport network.

Read our Strategic Transport Framework Plan.

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