Building is about the construction and alteration of structures, including houses, shops, offices and developments.


Find out about all you need to know about building permits and consent, from how to lodge an application to different types of permits.
Different projects require different permits. You need separate permits for building over a drain and sharing fencing costs, for example. Learn more.
We conduct building inspections related to permits, safety, illegal works and essential services. We can also issue infringement notices.
Building consent can vary for different things. A fence may be different to a balcony, for example. Find out about what applies to your project.
Asset protection laws aim to protect our land from building works. Learn how the law applies to you, from permits to inspections and reporting damage.

Do you want to add a swimming pool or spa to your home? Find out what you need to do, from inspections to registrations and compliance.

If you want to build a fence on your property, you may need a building permit. If you've seen a dangerous fence, you can report it to us.
Video - Building Permit
Explains when a building permit is required, and the difference between a building permit and a planning permit. Includes a step-by-step approach to applying for a building permit.