Open space levy

Information about the proposed amendment to the the open space levy.

Planning Scheme Amendment C186dare

Council is progressing Planning Scheme Amendment C186dare which seeks to increase the Open Space Levy.

The Amendment was on exhibition from 30 September to 31 October 2021. Council will consider all submissions made to the Amendment at a Council meeting in the new year. We will advise the date and time of the Council meeting when it has been scheduled. All submitters to the Amendment will also be advised of the Council meeting details.

To find out more information, please visit the Open Space Levy Your Say Darebin page.

Foliage and treetops in foreground, with a distant city skyline in the background.

Access to open space is essential to health and wellbeing. Melbourne's population is increasing – more people live in higher density dwellings and the amount of open space per person is decreasing. People in apartments and subdivided blocks have access to less open space now than we traditionally had in larger house blocks.

We're proposing to increase the open space levy to ensure Darebin continues to be a great place to live. We'll use the open space levy to improve existing open spaces and increase open space in Darebin.

Amendment C186dare proposes to increase the public open space contribution rate for all subdivisions by amending the schedule to Clause 53.01 (Public Open Space Contributions and Subdivision) and associated changes to Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS).

The Amendment was first exhibited in late 2019. Then the Amendment was paused to allow Council to undertake some further work. This further work consists of Implementing Breathing Space, Enhancing Open Space and the Open Space Contributions Justification Report (Mesh Planning, 2021). Together with Breathing Space: Darebin Open Space Strategy and Open Space Contributions Review (SGS Economics and Planning) these documents form the strategic justification for the increase to the open space levy.