Film and photography

Darebin has been home to both local and international productions, with diverse locations such as inner city period homes, suburban streetscapes, active shopping precincts and vast parklands.

Filming and photography permits

A permit is required for filming or commercial photography activities undertaken on Council-controlled land. This includes, roads, footpaths, public car parks, Council parks or nature strips.

You don't need a permit if you're using a hand-held camera or taking photography or film for personal private use such as weddings.

Penalties apply if you conduct filming or commercial photography without an approved permit.

Types of permits

Low impact

To be eligible for a low impact permit, applicants must meet all of the following conditions:

  • The duration of the shoot must not exceed 4 hours (including bump in and bump out) and that the production will be completed no later than 7pm;
  • A maximum of six people in total will be on-site (including production crew and talent);
  • The production equipment will consist of no more than one camera, one tripod and hand-held sound recording equipment. (No lighting or sheltering equipment on stands, no camera tracking devices, no vehicles, no drones, no weapons/firearms, no fireworks, no special effects, props, or generators);
  • No disruption will be caused to the city's stakeholders (traders, residents and businesses) or motorists or other events in the vicinity of the activities;
  • No traffic or pedestrian management plans are required for the shoot.
  • No filming will be conducted in any Darebin Parks or gardens;
  • No allocated parking is required for the shoot.
Commercial productions

A commercial production is defined as a production which is not eligible to be a low impact production.


To be eligible for a student production permit, the applicant is required to included the following with their application:

  • A copy of the university/ school certificate of currency holding public liability insurance for  minimum of $10m
  • A letter from the school endorsing the filming activity, including risk management that has been reviewed and approved by the course coordinator
  • A maximum number of 6 students are permitted on site during the shoot.

Applying for a permit

Complete the Application for Filming and Photography Permit and email to On approval you will be provided an invoice which must be paid prior to the commencement of any activities.

When to apply

Filming within the Darebin Municipality requires a permit. This includes commercial photography, student filming and low impact productions.

All applications must be received at least five (5) full business days in advance, with seven (7) business days' notice required if the filming activity involves traffic management.

What you will need
Before you begin your application, you will need to ensure that you have:
  • Full details of the location(s) required and estimated times that the proposed production will take place
  • Full contact details of all involved, e.g. location manager, production manager, etc.
  • Running sheet outlining a synopsis of the proposed production
  • Details of any pedestrian management, safety or traffic management plans including site plans
  • Communication (stakeholder notification) plans. (Copy to be supplied to Council with your application)
  • A copy of your public liability insurance for a minimum sum of $10 million.

Please note that submission of an application form does not constitute approval for filming. You will be contacted within three (3) working days with details of further information required to complete your application.

A permit will be issued only when all information has been received and processed.

Terms and conditions

Please read the City of Darebin Filming and Photography Permit Terms and Conditions before applying for a filming permit.

How long will my permit take?

When all required documentation has been supplied and is deemed satisfactory, you can expect to have your permit within 5 working days.

Permit fees

Fees apply for use of public space for filming or still photography.

Daily permit fees
Commercial production $345.00
Low-impact production $172.50
Student production  Free
Daily parking fees
 Commercial parking bay(s) $57.00 each 
 Resident parking bay(s) $26.00 each

Public liability insurance

The City of Darebin requires all persons conducting filming or photography within the Municipality holds public liability insurance of $10 million.


If you require parking in the area you will need to complete the parking request information on page 1 of the application form. 

This will be referred and assessed by our Parking Services Team. You will be charged a daily rate for each parking bay you require.

Parks, sports grounds and council buildings

If you wish to use Darebin’s facilities, park, sports grounds or other open space, your application will be referred and assessed by the appropriate department to ensure it meets the hiring conditions and the location is available. If approved a separate booking fee may apply for all filming applicants. 

Privately managed locations

If you wish to film at a privately managed location, permissions must be provided from the relevant owners or authority. Council will advise if your proposed location is privately managed and will assist you with obtaining the required permission.

Other authorities

VicRoads managed roads

If you want to film on a VicRoads managed road, you should also contact VicRoads to discuss their filming requirements. See VicRoads events and filming for details. You still need to apply to Council for a Filming permit.

Victoria Police

Victoria Police only need to be notified if you are undertaking activities that may cause concern or alarm within the community. For example use of firearms, explosives, stunts. See Victoria Police film and television for details.

Use of a remote piloted aircraft (RPA) / drone

Council will not consider the use of a drone unless the applicant can demonstrate that all Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules have been met. Drone-related activities will be assessed on a case by case basis.

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