Animals and pets

Learn about pet registration permits, your responsibility as a pet owner. How we can help with animal problems and solutions available.


ferrets in fence
Learn what animals you can keep as pets. Registering your pet, permits, microchipping, desexing and your legal responsibilities as a pet owner.
dog in park
Learn about safe pet ownership, permits required and find out about our local pet-friendly parks.
black and white cat
Learn about taking care of your cat, the laws about cat ownership and our night-time cat curfew.
cat with bird
We can help you with problems with animals. Learn what is considered an animal compliant, how to lodge a complaint and what solutions are available.
lost dog on street
Losing a pet can be a very stressful time, and we want to help reunite you with your animal. Here are tips on how we can help you.
echidna on road
Reporting any injured domestic and protected animals you discover in the neighbourhood.