Pets in parks

Find out about our local parks, off-leash areas and the permits required to exercise your pet in public parks.

A number of our local parks and reserves permit you to bring your pet for a walk to allow your pet to exercise along with you. Some parks also provide off-leash areas to allow your dog to go for a run. 

Which parks allow me to walk my pet?

As a dog owner, you must also be able to control your dog at all times using a lead if your dog is within 15m of:

  • Any playground or children’s play equipment
  • The main location of an organised sport activity or community event/festival
  • The main location of an organised public meeting
  • A permanent barbecue or picnic area (when in use)
  • Paths
  • Water features such as wetlands, lakes and creeks

Where can I exercise my dog off-lead in Darebin?

A.G. Davis Park

A.H. Capp Reserve

Adams Reserve

All Nations Park

Arch Gibson Reserve

B.T. Connor Reserve

Beenak/McMahon Reserve

Bundoora Park – Northern boundary

Bundoora Park – Southern Boundary

C.H. Sullivan Memorial Park

C.T. Barling Reserve

C.W. Kirkwood Reserve

Clements Reserve

Crispe Park

D.R. Atkinson Reserve

Darebin Parklands

Edwardes Lake Park

G.E. Robinson Park

G.H. Mott Reserve

H.L.T. Oulton Reserve

H.P. Zwar Reserve

Hayes Park

Henderson Park

I.W. Dole Reserve

J.C. Donath Reserve East

J.C. Donath Reserve West

Judith Scott Memorial Park

K.P. Hardiman Reserve

L.E. Cotchin Reserve

Mayer Park

McDonell Reserve

Merri Park

Penders Park

Pitcher Park

Shand Reserve

T.A. Cochrane Reserve

T.W. Blake Park

W.H. Robinson Reserve

W.K. Larkins Reserve

W.R. Ruthven V.C. Reserve