Updating your details

How do you update, or cancel your pet's registration or your contact details.

Making sure your contact details are kept current is the best way you can ensure the return of your pet if they become lost. Vets, animal shelters and local Councils can scan the microchip and then contact you to let you know the location of your pet.

Moving to Darebin with your pet

If you have registered your pet at another council for the current registration year, you can transfer it to the City of Darebin.

  1. Complete the Application for Pet Registration form
  2. Provide proof of your pet's microchip details, desexing certificate and proof of payment at your previous Council.
  3. Make payment of a $6.00 transfer fee (you will be sent information about how to make this payment).

Update or cancel your pet’s registration

If your details have changed, you no longer live in the City of Darebin, or your pet is no longer with you please notify us by emailing

Update your pet’s Microchip

Updating your details with Council does not automatically update your pet’s Microchip. Additional information on who to contact to change your contact details with your pet’s microchip registry database can be found at RSPCA. Your microchip information is important if your pet is lost or found outside of Darebin.

Changing or updating your pet’s ownership

If you take over ownership of a cat or dog that is already registered in the City of Darebin, complete the Change of Details Form.