Growing your business

From growing, expanding or starting, we have everything you need to know about business in Darebin, get the latest and connect with opportunities.


starting business
If it's a new business idea or you’re looking to take over an existing operation, get accurate information about all aspects of running a business.
A map of the Darebin area, with marks for listed local businesses.
Find where you can shop and eat locally, source supplies from local businesses and engage local professionals with the Darebin Business Map.
sustainable business
To support local businesses on their economic recovery journey, the Council committed to the development of the Economic Recovery Unit.
social enterprise
Connect to social enterprises in the Darebin area and find resources to help you start your social enterprise or support its growth.
active spaces
Working with real estate agents and property owners to transform areas of vacant shops, graffiti and bill posters into creative destinations.
public wi fi
A service is an initiative to provide free internet connectivity to the public and businesses in shopping strips of Preston, Reservoir and Fairfield.